Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 44

something on to the ground which was consistent with its dictionary definition and that children would be unlikely to understand the possible double entendre. An advertisement in a responsible drinking campaign (Dept Premier & Cabinet NSW – 0457/14) featuring a man in a cell with the text, ‘Out for a piss-up? Stop before it gets ugly.’ was viewed by the Board as using the word “piss” in a manner consistent with its colloquial use. Children using bad language The Board takes a stricter view of strong, bad or disrespectful language when it is spoken by a child rather than an adult. In 2014 the Board upheld complaints about an advertisement in which a child referred to the driver of a vehicle as both a “tool” and a “loser” (Kingston Park Raceway 0270/14). In this instance the Board noted the aggressive way in which the child is speaking and the abusive delivery of the comments and viewed the use of the words, “tool” and “loser” in the context of an abusive delivery by a child to another person amounted to language that was inappropriate in the circumstances. Gestures Gestures are used as communication and in conjunction with