Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 23

Government stakeholders understand, support and endorse the ASB The ASB maintains its relationship with federal, state and local government authorities and representatives through regular meetings, presentations and information sharing activities. The ASB continued to pursue meetings with Parliamentary members during 2014. Meetings were held with several Ministers and portfolio advisory staff to discuss issues which relate to the work of the ASB. The ASB also noted the Western Australian Government’s response in October 2014 to the Joint Standing Committee on the Commissioner for Children and Youn g People’s Report on the Sexualisation of Children, which “noted that there has been very few complaints about the content of advertising in the past 15 years in the context of classification laws”. The ASB continues to work and liaise with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, referring complaints and collaborating on issues raised about truth and accuracy generally and, in particular in relation to food and environmental advertising. Review of Operations 2014 The ASB made a submission in response to the Australian National Preventive Health Agency’s draft report on its Review into alcohol advertising: the effectiveness of current regulatory codes in addressing community concerns. The submission followed the ASB’s earlier submission on the review’s Issues Paper. Ideas and experiences were also exchanged at a Q&A session focussing on Best practice complaints handling in the changing media environment hosted by the ASB in conjunction with the WFA Global Marketer Week. Speakers at the session included: • M r Guy Parker, CEO of the Advertising Standards Authority, United Kingdom and Chair, European Advertising Standards Authority • M s Hilary Souter, CEO of the Advertising Standards Authority, New Zealand • Ms Ildiko Fazekas, CEO of Önszabályozó Reklám Testület (ÖRT), the Hungarian Advertising Standards Authority 21