Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 22

Feedback from advertising self-regulation awareness training sessions As a supplier, the codes of ethics were much more relevant than the individual food, motor, alcohol codes, creatives would of found this interesting though. The OMA’s second edition of OPEN—a publication highlighting the outdoor medium’s benefits and creativity—included a feature article about the ASB. The ASB has been invited by the OMA to provide an article for both editions of the publication. The latest edition was released in November. Since bringing the administration of the Advertising Claims Board in-house, the ASB has seen an increased number of Australian businesses utilising the alternative competitive complaint resolution service. In a boost of cases from previous years, the Claims Board considered three cases in 2014. The ASB has continued its proactive response to media which has resulted in the maintenance of a high level of interest in Board determinations and other work and issues related to the ASB. Monitoring of the open rates of media releases and the monthly Ad Standards Bulletin, show high levels of interest in the information content across all stakeholder groups—industry, community, media, and government. The bulletin allows readers to access the ASB website and other relevant information through links. It covers issues of the moment as well as highlighting recent Board determinations. A Twitter account was opened in February and has received a modest but stable tally of followers. In 2014 the ASB continued its sponsorship of the Media Federation Awards which rewards collaborative work done in producing campaigns that reach target markets. I was surprised by what was acceptable, so it potentially opens up a broader creative licence for me. Fiona Jolly on stage at the MFA awards 20 Advertising Standards Bureau