Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 21

Industry stakeholders understand, support and endorse the ASB library including presentations from countries across the world offering guidance on their national rules. These video recordings are available for purchase online. Industry support in producing and airing a new public awareness campaign People like you demonstrates support of the services and operations of the ASB. The campaign was created with industry support and received good coverage on television networks around Australia. The advertisement featured a number of members of the Board and aimed to show that Board members are People like you. The advertisement highlighted that all complaints will be given a fair hearing by the Board, which is made up of diverse Similar to previous years, the ASB worked with industry organisations to continue its promotion of responsible advertising practices and raise awareness of changing community concerns. In cooperation with the Communications Council, the AANA and the Outdoor Media Association (OMA), the ASB provided training to advertising agencies in the main capital cities across Australia. Training sessions were well attended, with community members. positive feedback providing constructive ideas for future sessions. The People like you campaign was also supported by news media in coverage of regional and state statistics provided through a media release campaign. The ASB in collaboration with an United Kingdom based company Clearcast, took part in production of a filmed training package about advertising regulation around the world. In the UK, Clearcast’s role includes checking advertisements against the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising. The company is also frequently asked about what can and cannot be done in various international markets. To address this it launched a project to assemble an online international video Awareness and training sessions were also held for Australian Food and Grocery Council members to deliver up to date information about the Responsible Children’s Marketing Initiative and the Quick Service Restaurant Initiative. Information about advertising self-regulation was presented during a film and television law seminar at Melbourne University, to final year students taking a course in Professional Advertising Practice at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and a series of seminars for Aegis Media staff highlighting self-regulation requirements, issues and community standards continued into 2014. In addition to the UTS presentation, response to initial concepts of an ASB awareness project focusing on higher education institutions and students has been highly encouraging, with the project to move ahead in 2015. Perth September – Advertising self-regulation awareness training (22 people) Adelaide September – Advertising self-regulation awareness training (17 people) Melbourne February – Film & Television law presentation at Melbourne Uni September – Advertising self-regulation awareness training (50 people) Review of Operations 2014 Brisbane September – Advertising self-regulation awareness training (30 people) Sydney February – eGR Australia Power Summit gambling presentation (80 people) March - AFGC Training (101 people) August - Presentation and tutorial for UTS students September – Advertising self-regulation awareness training (101 people) 19