Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 20

Self-regulation system has effective compliance outcomes Advertisers across Australia continue to take a responsible approach and are willing to adhere to community standards. In 2014 the compliance rate fell to 95.9 per cent, the lowest recorded compliance rate since the establishment of the ASB. However, of the 21 cases recorded as Upheld-Not modified or discontinued in 2014 19 related to the one advertiser. If this advertiser was not included in the statistics the compliance rate would rise to 99.6 per cent, consistent with previous years. These 19 advertising and marketing communications were for a Queensland based campervan hire company. This company publicly announced in July 2014, it would remove slogans which the community found offensive and would change its modus operandi to ensure offensive slogans did not continue to appear on its vans. Where an advertiser does not comply with the Board’s decision the ASB has sought assistance from industry bodies and Federal, State, and Local Government authorities. In 2014, Facebook agreed to take the approach that Facebook pages need to comply with determinations of the Standards Board. Facebook will review all complaints that the ASB refers to them in relation to content that is posted on Facebook for compliance with their policies. In the very few cases where an advertiser does not comply voluntarily with a determination by the Standards Board, Facebook has agreed it will remove an advertising or marketing communication in line with its advertising guidelines. The ASB will continue its work to achieve 100 per cent compliance with all Board determinations. The ASB updates its sole member (AANA), about a range of issues at shareholder meetings with the AANA Board. In 2014 the CEO updated the Board on key issues relating to the adjudication component of the self-regulatory system, such as implementation of the industry-wide increase to the rate of self-regulation levy, and recruitment of new members to the Advertising Standards Board. The AANA continues its support of the ASB Board of Directors. A Director and an alternate director AANA appointees continued on the Board of Directors in 2014. The AANA representation on the Board contributes to improved awareness and understanding by the AANA of the ASB’s environment. The ASB participated in quarterly Advertising Media Marketing Industry Forum meetings chaired by AANA. Issues covered included government regulatory liaison topics such as Code of Practice reviews by ACMA, Privacy Act reviews, and the Classification Review. This forum includes representatives from all key industry organisations. Overall, statistics show that the majority of non-compliance cases are small and medium size businesses with local and own premises signage. Expansion of ASB jurisdiction to cover this form of advertising and marketing communication has presented challenges, but most advertisers act responsibly and comply with Board determinations. 19 from the 453 cases dismissed Shareholder recognises value provided by the ASB 21 not modified one advertiser or discontinued 2 from additional 545 cases advertisers 62 cases upheld 41 modified 30 cases withdrawn before Board decision 18 or discontinued Advertising Standards Bureau