Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 19

adjudication process. The survey seeks opinions about the overall complaint adjudication process, the standard of correspondence received, the timeliness of the process, and the explanation of the Board’s decision in the final case report. Results from those responding to the survey continue to indicate that people whose complaint was upheld (advertisement found to breach the Code) were more highly satisfied with the system and processes followed than those whose complaints were dismissed. Feedback from complainants indicated a broad range of concerns around matters such as the limited scope of the advertiser Codes, that decisions of the Board do not reflect community standards and that all specific concerns raised by all complainants are not addressed in final case reports. Recruitment of new Board members occurred during 2014. A public recruitment and interview process was conducted, with a high calibre field making it possible to appoint a group of people representative of the diversity of the Australian community. The number of community members subscribing to ASB information services such as the bulletin and Twitter feed continues to grow, with interaction with the ASB blog also highlighting community attitudes about issues relating to advertising in general and about ASB operations. Work on a project to redevelop the ASB website began in the latter part of 2014. The project includes aspects which will provide users with better accessibility options, improved site search function, mobile compatibility, access to an RSS feed and integrated social media. The project will continue in 2015. The increase in complaint numbers and number of advertisements complained about between 2013 (442) and 2014, is partly attributable to the success of a new ASB awareness campaign, People like you, launched on television in early March 2014. In addition to raising awareness of the role and composition of the Advertising Standards Board, the awareness campaign highlighted how easy it is to lodge a complaint online. “The reasoning behind your decision was explained thoroughly. Though I feel it was not a fair and thorough judgement.” Female aged 19-29 Complaint Dismissed “I wasn’t aware that this would be addressed in such depth. This is truly fantastic that the ASB has put together a great summary of the issues at hand and action was taken! Brilliant!” Male aged 19-29 Complaint Upheld “I felt that the reasons for dismissal of my complaint were lame and unjustified. My complaint was about an advertisement that was seen as highly offensive by myself and my immediate family.” Male 40-54, Complaint Dismissed New and continuing members of the Advertising Standards Board. Review of Operations 2014 17