Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 15

Advertising Standards Bureau Board of Directors The Advertising Standards Bureau is a limited company headed by a Board of Directors. Under the Constitution of the Advertising Standards Board, there must be between three and six directors of the company that is the Advertising Standards Bureau (the ASB). The Bureau Board is responsible, with the CEO, for the corporate governance of the Advertising Standards Bureau. With strategic, financial and operational concerns within its purview, the Board works to continually improve the operation of the ASB in its role as the complaints resolution body for advertising in Australia. The Bureau Board has the integrity of the advertising self-regulation system at heart. It insists on absolute separation between the work of the Bureau Board and that of the Advertising Standards Board. Board of Directors Ian Alwill Chairman, ASB Principal, Alwill Associates John Sintras Director, ASB Hayden Hills Director, ASB Senior Manager, Advisory, Ernst & Young Simon Talbot Director, ASB Chief Executive Officer, National Farmers’ Federation Victoria Marles Director, ASB Chief Executive Officer – Trust for Nature, Victoria John McLaren Director, ASB Managing Director, Black Sheep Advertising Chairman, Starcom Media Vest Group Australia Rebecca Bousted, for Mr Talbot Alternate Director, ASB Director Corporate Relations and Regulatory Affairs, Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd Meetings The Board of Directors met six times during 2014. Board member Ms Simone Carton, a member of ASB staff, is the Company Secretary. Review of Operations 2014 Number of meetings attended Appointed Ian Alwill Chairman 5/6 December 2004 Hayden Hills Director 4/6 December 2004 John McLaren Director 5/6 March 2009 Victoria Marles Director 4/6 November 2011 John Sintras Director 1/6 December 2005 Simon Talbot At 31 December 2014, the Board of Directors included six directors and one alternate director. Position Director 2/6 October 2013 13