Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 14

CEO’s report As a forward-looking organisation with a view that self-regulation is of benefit to all—the community, business, government, the region—our achievements in 2014 were extremely satisfying. all aware of their role in Australia’s advertising self-regulation system. In 2014 we were pleased to deliver across five capital cities a range of training and education material to meet the need of the advertising community. Going forward our commitment is to expand training and information materials to assist the SME sector apply community standards to its advertising. Although the ASB itself has existed only since 1998, we were excited that we have made a valuable and world-class contribution to 40 years of advertising self-regulation in Australia. Our aim is to continue our pursuit of an advertising self-regulatory system that exceeds best practice and meets the needs of all of the Australian community. We also continued our conversation with government organisations and officials about the role and benefit of an independent complaints handling system. While the Australian government is currently committed to reduction of less regulation and an increase of appropriate self-regulation, our federal structure requires us to work with nine governments to ensure advertising self-regulation remains top of mine in considering regulatory responses to issues. In meeting the community needs, I am proud of the small team at the Bureau who kept pace with the highest ever number of complaints from the community. Our ongoing work in refining processes and adapting to changing media and advertising environments has proven worthwhile. Rejuvenation of the Advertising Standards Board is a key way of ensuring Board decisions meet community standards and during 2014. I was very pleased also to welcome six new Board members, who have quickly taken on the mantle of ensuring community standards are maintained. On the other hand it was sad to farewell Board members who have made extraordinary contributions. Our continued work with the broader advertising industry aims to ensure Australian businesses and the advertising services that support them are 12 Our work to develop regional self-regulation organisations was also successful in 2014. The APEC advertising standards forum and mentoring workshop held as part of the APEC’s SOM3 meeting in Beijing on 8-9 August was successful in bringing participants from 16 APEC Economies together to discuss advertising standards and systems. Our efforts in this project over the past three years has meant we have developed important relationships among APEC economies to support the growth of advertising self-regulation in the region – and in turn improve our own practice and the profile of Australian self-regulation. With the APEC Leaders Declaration supporting an ‘Action Agenda on Advertising Standards and Practice Development to promote alignment of advertising standards’ throughout the Asia-Pacific region, my team and I look forward to future work with our regional partners to benefit Australian industry, and the communities in APEC economies. Finally and most significantly thanks must be given to Australian businesses: financial and operational support of the advertising system is essential to the success of the self-regulation system but is also essential to demonstrating industry commitment to appropriate advertising and to ensuring the community standards are respected. I want to thank all our international, regional and industry partners who support ASB in all areas of our work. Our aim is to maintain a high level of activity in providing a world-class system. Fiona Jolly Advertising Standards Bureau