Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 109

Strong or Evident Appeal to Minors means: i. ikely to appeal strongly to Minors; l ii. pecifically targeted at Minors; s iii. aving a particular attractiveness for a Minor h beyond the general attractiveness it has for an Adult; iv. sing imagery, designs, motifs, animations or u cartoon characters that are likely to appeal strongly to Minors or that create confusion with confectionary or soft drinks; or v. sing brand identification, including logos, u on clothing, toys or other merchandise for use primarily by Minors Sponsorship means any agreement or part of an agreement involving payment or other consideration in lieu of payment by a Marketer to support a sporting or cultural property, event or activity, in return for which the sponsored party agrees to be associated with or promote the sponsor’s Alcohol Beverage or outlet. Sponsorship also includes naming rights of events or teams and the inclusion of a brand name and/or logo at an event venue or on uniforms of participants (excluding branded merchandise). Review of Operations 2014 107