Advertising Standards Bureau Review of Operations 2014 - Page 107

10. Alcohol Beverages Advertising (and Packaging) Code 1. Preamble The ABAC Responsible Alcohol Marketing Code is designed to ensure that alcohol is marketed in a responsible manner. Signatories to the Code are committed to ensuring that their marketing complies with the Code’s spirit and intent. The (b) The Code does NOT apply to: i. ii. information in company annual reports, iii. the name or packaging of a product, including the use of a trademark on a product which a supplier can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Adjudication Panel, had been supplied for bona fide retail sale in the ordinary course of business in Australia prior to 31 October 2009; 2. Application (a) The Code APPLIES to all Marketing iv. point of sale Marketing Communications initiated by Alcohol Beverage retailers (as these are regulated by liquor licensing legislation), provided that a producer or distributor of Alcohol Beverages has no control over the point of sale Marketing Communication; Communications in Australia generated by or within the reasonable control of a Marketer, except as set out in Section 2(b). This includes, but is not limited to: - brand advertising (including trade advertising) - competitions - digital communications (including in mobile and social media and user generated content) - product names and packaging - advertorials - alcohol brand extensions to non-alcohol beverage products - point of sale materials - retailer advertising -- Communication must NOT: i. v. Sponsorship; vi. the placement of a Marketing Communication, except to the extent that placement may impact on how the Marketing Communicatio n is understood in accordance with section 4. show (visibly, audibly or by direct implication) or encourage the excessive or rapid consumption of an Alcohol internal company communications; AANA Code of Ethics and media-specific codes by assisting industry to achieve high levels of responsibility in the management of its marketing. (a) Responsible and moderate portrayal of Alcohol Beverages A Marketing corporate public affairs messages or Code complements Australian legislation, the relevant to the placement of marketing. From time to time, the ABAC Scheme may publish best practice advice to industry. That advice does not form part of the Code but complements it Materials or activities whose sole purpose is to educate about misuse or abuse of alcohol beverages and which do not include a company’s product branding; 3. Standards to be applied Beverage, misuse or abuse of alcohol or consumption inconsistent with the Australian Alcohol Guidelines; ii. show (visibly, audibly or by direct implication) or encourage irresponsible or offensive behaviour that is related to the consumption or presence of an Alcohol Beverage; iii. challenge or dare people to consume an Alcohol Beverage; or iv. encourage the choice of a particular Alcohol Beverage by emphasising its alcohol strength (unless emphasis is placed on the Alcohol Beverage’s low alcohol strength relative to the typical strength for similar beverages) or the intoxicating effect of alcohol. (b) Responsibility toward Minors A Marketing Communication must NOT: i. have Strong or Evident Appeal to Minors; Marketing Collateral Review of Operations 2014 ii. depict a person who is or appears to be a Minor unless they are shown in an incidental role in a natural situation (for example, a family socialising responsibly) and where there is no implication they will consume or serve alcohol; or 105