Advertising Kit 2016

Marketing, advertising and brand exposure at PRIDE HOUSTON PRIDE ADVERTISING Pride Houston media is the #1 source for information regarding Pride Houston® and all of its annual events including the Houston LGBT Pride Celebration®. Reach Houston’s LGBT community through its websites, OutInform®, E-Newsletter, social media and more. OUTINFORM: THE OFFICIAL HOUSTON PRIDE GUIDE This year marks the 5th anniversary of Pride Houston’s glossy full color magazine, OutInform featuring official events during Pride month, Houston Pride Week® and Houston Pride Weekend. This is a publication is a fantastic way to promote your brand to the Houston LGBT audience during the months leading up to the Houston LGBT Pride Celebration. Over 20,000 copies of OutInform are distributed in the City of Houston and its surrounding areas. OutInform will also be available at every Pride event during Houston Pride Week. SIZE PRICE SPECIFICATIONS Back Cover $1,700 8.5”x11” Full Bleed Inside Covers (2 available) $1,450 8.5”x11” Full Bleed 2 Page Spread $2,000 17”x11” Full Bleed Full Page $1,200 8.5”x11” Full Bleed Half Page (horizontal) $ 850 8”x5.25” Non-Bleed Quarter Page $ 650 3.875”x5.125” Non-Bleed Note: OutInform’s deadline for art submission is early April. PRIDE WEBSITES Pride Houston manages two (2) websites. is the main website for Pride Houston including information regarding all Houston Pride Week events. is dedicated to a Pride Houston produced circuit party event that gives back to local charities. When a user searches the term “Houston Pride” on the internet, the #1 website is so have your brand be the first one they see on our websites. Leaderboard (open rate) $ 75/month Leaderboard (6 months) $ 375 8.5”x11” Full Bleed Leaderboard (1 year) $ 800 17”x11” Full Bleed Island (open rate) $ 100/month 8.5”x11” Full Bleed Island (6 months) $ 500 8”x5.25” Non-Bleed Island (1 year) $1,000 3.875”x5.125” Non-Bleed Both Sizes (open rate) $ 125/month Both Sizes Both Sizes (6 months) $ 625 Both Sizes Both Sizes (1 year) $1,400 Both Sizes PRIDE EXTRAS Logo on volunteer shirts $ 250 8.5”x11” Full Bleed