Adventure Outdoors Magazine Summer 2016 - Page 92

A LAND ADVENTURE This summer, we encourage all adventurers to pack their bags and head for the hills. From hiking and mountain biking through the toughest trails around, to climbing and zip-lining over the tallest of mountains, there is a land adventure that is sure to peak your interest. There is nothing like escaping into the wilderness with the wind at your back, finding yourself alone at the top of a cliff, overlooking a landscape – infinite and surely indomitable – yet seemingly created solely for your conquering. Join us for an unforgettable jo urney through America’s wilderness, where we will cover miles of ground with a variety of terrains, and discover some of the most challenging and breathtaking trails and destinations that this country has to offer. We will start off simple, with tranquil leisure hikes and backroad four-wheeling adventures. Then, we will go out with a bang by tackling a hardcore mountain biking mission, and adrenaline-inducing zip-lines that will send you speeding over caves at nearly 50 miles per hour. Ready? Let’s go! 90 Summer 2016 Adventure Outdoors HIKING: MONTANA, WASHINGTON & COLORADO Montana is home to Glacier National Park, as well as a stretch of the famous Yellowstone National Park. With wildlife this untouched, it is hard not to make Montana a top contender on your hiking bucket list. When it comes to hiking leisurely for the scenery, you have got to take the Hidden Lake Trail. It is a simple and beautiful mile and a half hike to the overlook portion, where you can feast your eyes on the hidden gem within the mountains. Another mile and a half will take you to the lake itself. This trail is filled with wildflowers and mountain goats, and from time to time, the trail even gets closed off due to Grizzly Bear activity; a frightening thought, but a scene worth risking it all for. The hike is simple and you can park at the Logan Pass Visitor Center lot, making this an easily-accessible daytrip.