Adventure Outdoors Magazine Summer 2016 - Page 90

S N O I T I D E P EX OUTDOOR A cool breeze and a warm ray of sunshine fight for your attention while simultaneously complementing each other, as you stare into the never-ending skies and immense open country. The contiguous surfaces of water and cloud capture your gaze and you breathe in every scent and sight together. This is the feeling you’ve been longing for; the feeling of true awe and wonder. This summer, take a trip into nature, and forfeit your ties to the city-life for a brief moment of simplicity in such a complicated world. You’re encouraged to relinquish your duties and urged to explore. The old idiom states it best: “There is no time like the present.” However, “there is also no greater present than the time itself.” Take advantage of vacation hours, grab your pack, your compass, and your sunscreen, and head out for the adventure of your life this season. Try new things, meet new people, and stand courageously in the midst of America’s greatest treasure: her wilderness. 88 Summer 2016 Adventure Outdoors