Adventure Outdoors Magazine Summer 2016 - Page 72

JEREMY WADE Jeremy has been exploring some of the world’s most remote rivers for 30+ years. Wade has risked his life to educate his viewers. Highlights of real dangers he faced include times where Wade caught malaria, was detained as a spy, nearly drowned, and survived a plane crash. By literally “wading” through Amazonian mud and searching along the most treacherous banks known to man, Wade has surprised us in every episode. “I am able to get into the kinds of places where outsiders don’t normally go,” Jeremy says, “teaming up with local fishermen is vital to my success. What’s great about this approach is that you get to see and explore diverse human cultures, too.” Jeremy documents his experiences through writing as well, and has written pieces for The Times, Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, The Field and BBC Wildlife. His latest book, River Monsters: True Stories of the Ones That Didn’t Get Away, was published in April 2011. His first television series, Jungle Hooks, was filmed in 2002 for Discovery Europe, and was one of the most-watched shows on multichannel television. River Monsters is the most-watched series in the history of Animal Planet, and has been since its debut in April 2009. Jeremy Wade grew up in Suffolk, England, in a village on the River Stour, where his fascination with fish began. He never stopped indulging in his passion, and worked hard to gain background knowledge. He has a degree in zoology from Bristol University. We were lucky enough to get Jeremy out of the rivers and into Adventure Outdoors, for an exclusive interview. Learn more about Jeremy and find out what’s in store for season 8! 70 Summer 2016 Adventure Outdoors