Adventure Outdoors Magazine Summer 2016 - Page 58

WHEN WE SAY " bare, " WE LITERALLY MEAN THAT ALL OF YOUR GEAR WEIGHTS LESS THAN 20LBS., INCLUDING WHAT YOU ARE WEARING. Everything inside your pack should last you a good week, though you may only be spending three or four nights out in the wilderness. It sounds like quite a challenge, but less is truly more. Although you may not have all of the luxuries of home there with you, you will definitely be prepared and (mostly) comfortable. The concept being referred to is “ultra-lightweight” camping or backpacking. This style of camping means no car, no grill, no huge tent and air mattress. The heaviest items on your list should not exceed 3lbs, such as your sleeping bag, tarp, and cookware. The more you pack, H[ܙH[H\H[]H\HYH[\\ˈ[K[YZY[\[\\[ܙHۈXX[ܛ[ݙ\Y\^K[[[Y\[›ۙ\[Y\[H[ YX[[\B\HYܙ]H\[H[ZKBM[[Y\ MY[\H]ܜ‚H\]H[[HوH\و[\XK[XY]H\Hۈ[\ۈ]K\[[ۈ]Z[[]\[H]HXYYXKHX[Y[Z[\\Hو\[ۙBY[x&\H[]܈H\[YKZHBYH][K][HY[] LK][\[H]H[XYHۜ]Y\YH[܈\ق\XYۚ]YK][[HX[Y[Z[›][H\›و[XY[[H[\\]]Z[™[Y[YBوHYB\[K