Adventure Outdoors Magazine Summer 2016 - Page 44

Fear The Spear S lures, and a couple of extra bobbers. Some fishing equipment stores and sporting goods stores sell “trolling packages,” which consist of several or more rods, combined with everything you will need along the way. These packages start at $1,000 and go up from there, depending on brands and what is included. If you are just looking for a simple daytrip or a weekend out on the water, consider tickets for a deep-sea fishing guide service. You will board the boat early in the morning and come back by dusk, or stay aboard for a day, and fish as much as you’d like. When checking for these services, it is important to make sure that the program is licensed and that you can rent equipment from the boat as well. Most of these events require you to have a fishing license. 42 Summer 2016 Adventure Outdoors pearfishing is making a relatively surprising comeback in the fishing world and is worth a shot if you are looking to spice up your angling life. Unlike ancient times, we’re not asking you to carve your own spear out of a tree branch, although that may turn out to be a fun experience… but we do not recommend it. Today’s spearfishing experts use powered spearguns and target fish with special hightech equipment that tracks movement and vibrations in the surroundi ng water. If you have never gone spearfishing before, be aware that it is in deeper water, and will require a scuba and/or snorkeling license and proper gear. You will need to check with your state’s regulations, but most states will require that you have a sportfishing license. It is best to plan a day with the experts for this one. However, spearfishing can be used as an alternative method for catching fish in shallower waters, such as river banks and small streams. This practice does not require a powered speargun, but a simple stab into the water you are wading in will do. Other methods include bow-fishing, which is a powered bow attached to a fishing line. This allows you to aim for the fish and pull the trigger (powered) or release the arrow in the water. The attached line ensures that you will