Adventure Outdoors Magazine Summer 2016 - Page 41

Summer is back in full swing and the waters are becoming more and more busy with the climbing temperatures. Warmer weather makes for the perfect time to get outdoors. Whether you are an expert angler or sportsman, or if you just simply like to cast a line and enjoy the sun, you will need to make sure that your tackle boxes and bait buckets are fully stocked, your fishing licenses are up to date, and all of your other equipment is in good working order. There is more than one way to fish, however. If you are up for an angling adventure, try a new method. For instance, if you are a fly-fishing fanatic, switch up the scenery and jump on a boat for some deep sea (saltwater) fishing. For those of you that prefer daytrips and sunshine, try fishing by the light of the moon. Used to your trusty rod and reel? Trade it in for a spear or try your hand at bow-fishing. There are plenty of ways to ensure an unforgettable experience each season. We will tell you where to go and what to bring if you are up for it, and if you’re not, well, at least you’ll know what’s out there. Grab your hats and hooks, and let’s go fishin’! Adventure Outdoors Summer 2016 39