Adventure Outdoors Magazine Summer 2016 - Page 26

Mono County, California Home Base for Yosemite. Here’s why. photo credit: Alicia Vennos / Mono County Tourism Mono County, on the “East Side” of Yosemite National Park, is a sensational place to stay -- and to start or end a trip to California's Eastern Sierra. Just 12 breathtaking miles from Yosemite’s dramatic east entrance, Mono County is part of the ocean-to-mountain-to-desert triangle that many visitors travel to see as much of California as possible. Just be sure to plan enough time in Mono County for these “don’t miss” things to do and see: Mono Lake's South Tufa State Reserve. Far saltier than the ocean, this \[[XH\YH[[ۜو[B[\[Z[[ۜوZYܘ]ܞH\8$[H[YZ[›[Y\ۙHYHܛX][ۜXZHHܙ[[HHܘ\\X[K^XZ[[ۛZBܙY][XXH[[ۛ[H\\JBYH]H\ܚX\ˈH][Z[[ۈ[B]H N YH\H\8&\\\ [\ܙY[]][Xۋ]X] MZ[[[[[[H]Hو\\YX^KX[[[[[Z[YHHۙHH8'وBܛ8'H] LK LY]8$[۸&]Z\Z[H]YH܈]\YHY]وHX[[[Z\\[][[KۙHوHܛ8&\[\^[\\و[[\\[ \[\]YH[X[ܛX][ۈ\[ܙ]XBKH[H [Z[HZH۝[Z[Z[[\YBX[Y[Y ]܈Y[\KZK\ [X^XZܜXXY[)[[H]ܜ\\H\[YH[BX\\Y\K]8&\H\[ۈB][[BܙY][ۛ[H\\JB[[[\ܛ[[[ۛ[K۝[Y[HX\YH[XTY^H MK\HH\\[ۋ\XX[B\[[[Z]x&\\HX\ۋ\HPT\Z\Z\˜[YY\[[[HYXY[[[Z]H[^HZ[BY]H[[Y\[Y[H[]HX\ق[ۛ[H][\\H[\HZ\[\X[[[ V[[Z]HZ\ܝ SR H\XH[[\ V KYH\]܈ZYN[ۛ[Kܙ N KML[[Y\ MY[\H]ܜ‚[HZ\]HZ\[^K]Z\[\\ȂܙY][XXH[ [ۛ[H\\B