Adventure Outdoors Magazine Summer 2016 - Page 136

Experience the Unexpected Elko, Nevada When you discover Elko, Nevada, you quickly see why this is a land of the “Unexpected”. A land of challenges stretching the limits of your adventure to its fullest. The raw majesty of the majestic Ruby Mountains and the rugged canyon streams that surround this area await to be discovered. Experience the unexpected as you create your own outdoor adventure among the unspoiled drama of one of America’s true remaining unspoiled recreational locations. Escape the crowds. Lose yourself in this country. Climb above the mediocre and inhale the crisp mountain air. Leave your cluttered schedule behind and expand your vision from one of our four secluded mountain peaks. Get ready to move to a new level. 134 Summer 2016 Adventure Outdoors The Elko area offers year round recreation. Whether your favorite recreation is snowmobiling, hiking, fishing or horseback riding, Elko offers an adventure for that and everything in-between. Spring and summer in the Elko, Nevada area explode with color as acres of wildflowers bloom in splendor. Bright sunshine warms the land to blazing new life. Abundant wildlife awaits discovery. With clear days and cool nights -- spring and summer hold a wealth of recreation possibilities ranging from mountain biking to rock hounding. Winter months in the Elko area are usually blanketed with snow. Whether your idea of winter adventure revolves around the hush of falling snowflakes in a pristine alpine meadow, exploring cross country on skis or racing through powder with adrenaline-pumping speed, the Elko area can fulfill your longings. We invite you to open yourself up to all that Elko, Nevada has to offer and come carve out your own unique recreational adventure. Dare to explore our untamed back country while giving your recreation vacation an edge. For more information on Elko’s year round recreation visit or call (800) 248-3556.