Adventure Outdoors Magazine Summer 2016 - Page 108

Another spectacular place to spend time on the water is at the Acadia National Park in Maine. The Maine Island Trail is over 300 miles long, and it follows the coast of the park. The trail was created in 1993 and was the first water trail in the United States. All of the trail sites are accessible to watercraft and this is the perfect place for sea kayaking. Travel along the coast and camp out among the rocks and grassy inlets. RAFTING The inflatable river raft was first invented by United States Soldiers in the early 1800s. Before this time, most rafts were constructed out of flat wood. The first rubber raft was created by Lieutenant John Fremont and inventor Horace Day, and floated down the Platte River in 1842. In the mid-1950s, John D. Rockefeller opened a resort in the Grand Teton National Park, in Wyoming, which allowed visitors to go on one of the first guided rafting expeditions. Rafting became extremely popular by the 1970s and has been a favored watersport since then. Simple rafting can be done safely and for leisure enjoyment, but whitewater rafting is much more dangerous and physically demanding. When participating in a whitewater rafting trip, you run the risk of being thrown out of the boat by rushing waves or hitting large rocks, as well as falling out when riding the water downhill, such as downstream on a river towards a waterfall. Whitewater rafting sites are rated by class. Class I is a simple trip, with not much danger. Class VI is nearly suicidal, and waters of this class are considered un-raft-able. It is best to opt for Class I or II when just starting out, and if you like what you experience, then try Class III or IV. Class V is for experts only, and usually not accomplished without the help of guide service. Most whitewater rafting adventures are guided no matter what class you are considering, which is helpful since the watersport is among the more dangerous styles. The best place to try your hand at whitewater rafting is along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. This is the most popular place to book a rafting trip and extremely touristic. Trips can range from a simple day’s worth of rushing through the waters, to a luxurious 6 or 7-day excursion through the canyon. The best route for booking a trip of this nature in the Colorado River is to plan well in advanc Rf"&R7B֖WFR"7W"bFRVBG&G'FR6&fW F"FRGVVR&fW"6Ɩf&6W''7&VVGVVP2672b6&R6&VgVb7VW"#bGfVGW&RWFF'0vWFW"^( &RrFW66RFFRVW@'FbGW&RBFR&FRFv6֖p&fW"FR֖FFRbFRf&W7B"b^( &Rrf"6WFrFvWBW"G&VƖRVrFW6RvFW'7'G2v7W&VǒVWR6@6FVBF27VW"BVgVǐTUP4Ԕr$4d"$PUB4T4