Ada Magazine Winter 2018 - Page 27

3. SET A NUMBERS GOAL. Keep track of how much you read, whether it’s the number of pages each day or a book count per week. This will help you check your progress as the year goes on. For example, the Goodreads website offers a fun reading chal- lenge that tracks the number of books participants read each year. To sign up for 2018, go to 4. VENTURE OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Instead of picking up a new crime novel, explore science fiction instead. If you’re tired of fiction, try nonfiction instead. The idea is to get acquainted with unfamiliar genres. 5. TAKE YOUR BOOK EVERYWHERE. When you’re stuck in line at the tag agency or waiting to see the doctor, take advantage of the opportunity to read a few pages. If you’re not carrying an actual book, have reading ma- terial available on your phone. AM AM NEW RESOLUTION “If you’re wanting to learn something and you want to be sure you’re getting good information, we can help you deci- pher through the web what is good medical information, what is good financial information, based on our experience and our knowledge,” she said. winter 2018 ADA MAGAZINE 27