Ada Magazine Winter 2018 - Page 14

Though they have a lot in common, they don’t agree on everything. “She’s more conservative than I am on some social issues,” Steve said. “But this is the thing, we can debate these things and we don’t get mad at each other. She doesn’t give in for any reason. She voices her opinion and she sticks with it. We don’t necessarily change each other, but I think we do soften each other’s edges on some of those things. “We understand each other, too, because of understanding the cultures each of us come from — the blending of cultures. A lot of the social issues that are going on today, we don’t always see eye to eye on the way those things should be handled.” Laura agreed. “That is something I also like,” she said. “In that way I can be myself and we can talk about things we don’t agree on but we are also able to understand each other, and that is so important. That’s one of the things I’ve liked since the very beginning. “I told him, “since I saw in your profile that you went to the Baptist college — when I saw Baptist college I said, ‘Okay, that is a person that is going to understand my way of thinking!’” Laura said she loves living in Ada. She likes the small town feel, and so does Steve. “I have my roots here. It’s home. It’s full of memories for me,” Steve said. “It’s where I grew up and it’s been my whole life right up until I left to go to college. There are people here that I went to grade school with that I still run into.” On any given night, the Brogdens might be found enjoying a little of that upscale small town appeal at their favorite spot, Vintage 22. “We like to go to Vintage 22. If we have a night alone without the kids, we always wind up at Vintage 22,” Steve said. “We got engaged there. Most of the bands that go and play we know them and we always run into people we know there.” Their time together has taught them things about themselves they never realized before. For Laura, she learned she can cook. Being forced to take a year off work while waiting for immigration matters to run their course, Laura said she was able to experience what it was like to be a housewife for the first time in her life. Steve learned some- 14 ADA MAGAZINE WINTER 2018