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Continued Pg 14 That first week in Tampico, the two realized just how much they had in common. “We spent those first four days together. We went to the Museo de la Cultura Huasteca — the Huasteca Cultural Museum,” Steve said. “We spent a day just going to a museum and I thought, ‘What woman is going to think I’m anything other than dry as dust and boring?’” Smiling, Laura leaned into Steve and answered that question, “Well that’s me!” “I was very used to going to museums,” Laura laughed. “I enjoy doing that and I was very used to taking my kids to the museums. We love history a nd culture. I was surprised that he was surprised about that because I thought, well that’s me!” That trip became the first of many. Sometimes Steve returned to Tampico, sometimes Laura came to Ada and sometimes they met in-between. Laura has family in Austin, Texas, and the two spent time there. Eventually, a day came when neither wanted to leave the other again. “My family, my sisters and my church community freaked out,” Laura said. “When I told my boss, the pastor’s wife, when I told her everything — that I was going to move to the United States — she was surprised. She could never have imagined that I would have gone to a (dating) website and everything, but I did.” The two set plans in motion, and on June 1, 2016, Laura moved to Ada to stay. She took it good, but the first chance she had to go to Mexico City, she contacted a pastor from Mexico City who knew him. She checked him out. And, when she came back she said, “I need to tell you something, and I am so sorry. I checked about Steve and I had to ask about him. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t wait. And, what they told me is that he is a great man — one of the most amazing pastors that they have ever met.” Then she said she was happy for me, and that she thought I had made a great decision. “I felt like that was what we needed to do to find out if this was really going to work,” Steve said. “After a few months, I started looking around for an engagement ring.” Steve and Laura became Mr. and Mrs. Brogdon Nov. 22, 2016. They say their love and appreciation for one another has done nothing but grow since they said “I do.” “When I met him, what I realized is that every time I was talking with him or that we were spending time together, I felt relaxed. I felt safe,” Laura said. “Ever since I met him, I think that is the first thing I was aware of. He is so open-hearted with people and I told him I un- derstand why you once were a pastor and I love that about you. He’s got everything a pastor has in order to look out for his people and care — he’s so caring, so patient and courageous. I absolutely wanted to feel like I was not by myself. I feel that security with him.” Their eyes sparkle when they speak of each other, even in the bland light of a newspaper conference room. It’s a visible twinkle. “I admire her courage and her humility,” Steve said. “Not just the guts it took to do this but she’s done so many things — she started her own business from nothing in Mexico. I now know she was scared to death when she did it, but she did it anyway. Just like now, mov- ing to another country and marrying me. She’s really level-headed. She’s mature and respon- sible. “She’s also a hell of a lot of fun — she’s just so much fun! She’s teaching me how to dance. Who would’ve thought you could find a Christian school teacher who could dance — I mean really dance!” Steve said sometimes the two will spend hours dancing on the hardwood floors in their bedroom, just the two of them. “We’ll turn on music and we’ll just dance,” he said, adding that it’s one of their favorite things to do together. “Dancing and cooking, because we love to cook together,” Laura adds. “We do like to cook together,” Steve agreed. “We may wind up going into business to- gether. We’ve thought about doing a food truck. She’s got some good stuff, some good plans.” WINTER 2018 ADA MAGAZINE 13