Book Review - Eastern Wisdom for Western Minds by Victor Parachin

We are in an election year with state primaries and TV debates stirring people to anger, fear, and in some cases, even violence and hatred.

We can learn from a story a grandfather told his 5-year old grandson about his necklace. A grandfather takes off his necklace and shows it to the boy. On it are the heads of two wolves.

“Grandfather, what do they mean?

“Well, the grandfather explained,

“Inside each of us there are two wolves fighting to control us. One of them is scared and mean, and has a hunger that can never be filled. It cares only about itself. The other is brave and kind, and shares whatever it has with others. It cares as much about the community as it does for itself.”

Wide-eyed and intrigued, the boy asks one more question. ‘Grandfather, which wolf will win?”

The elder smiles at his grandson, replying, “Whichever one we feed the most.”

This story reminds us of our power to create inner peace and outer harmony by feeding our wolf with wholesome, healthy thoughts, words, and actions. Which wolf will you choose as your victor?