Point To Ponder - YinTang

I remember during Clinic Observation watching Dr. Kim treating many, if not most, of his patients with the Yintang acupuncture point. It’s a wonderful point for relaxation, stress, insomnia, and agitation. It additionally treats facial pain, frontal headaches, and nasal congestion. It can be used to treat the eyes. It is famous for calming the Spirit and focusing the Mind. It is great to start with this point during an acupuncture treatment, especially for patients nervous about needles.

The Yintang, or Hall of Impression, lies midway between the medial end of the eyebrows, in the area designated by many cultures as the “third eye”. (Technically this area is called the “glabella.”) Though the acupuncture point Yin Tang is located along the course of the Du Mai (Governing Vessel), it does not officially belong to that meridian. Rather, it belongs to a category of points known as the “extraordinary points,” documented over the centuries to have very specific functions.