Many of you may have been part of the school on July 16, 2014 when Matt Stampe’s wife, Patcharee, had an emergency c-section and delivered their little boy, Bryson 3 months early. As a super-preemie he weighed only 1.5 pounds and he was in the hospital for months before joining his parents. Many people prayed that the baby would survive and develop normally. I remember that the school owner, Ms. Jane Choi, even asked the Ivy College pastor to pray for the family. Our prayers were answered and Bryson is now almost 1.8 years old and doing great! His dad reports that Bryson is walking now, a super climber, attending "little gym", pretends he can read books, and will soon be in daycare when grandma leaves for Thailand in late Spring!

Miracle Baby


Bryson Stampe, 1.8 Years Old

Being adorable as usual :)

It's a Girl - And A Girl - And A Girl!

VUOM’s Director of Clinical Education and Herbal Department Chair, Dr. and Mrs. Hyung Sik Byeon; Chief Operating Officer, John Yoo and Yoomin Kim, Finance Officer; and a wonderful new VUOM student family, Mr. and Mrs. June Park. We’re looking forward to sharing photos after their little girls arrive this summer. Children born in the Year of the Monkey are known as enchanting, intelligent, charming little dynamos with abundant brains, charm and humor. Monkey children are also known as having a mischievous nature, so we know the new parents will have their hands and hearts full! Good luck :)

We’re happy to announce that the VUOM family will be expanding this summer!

Congratulations to the proud parents-to-be –