We are about developing unity and community and making sure students count. Do you really want to go to a commuter college where no one even knows your name? The relationships you begin in college can develop into a life-long support network.

All it takes is getting involved and making an effort.

We also have a long-range plan!

We have collected $1000 over the last year to use for a VUOM Student Union room, “The Ping-Pong Hangout” complete with TVs, coffee, and pingpong tables, and perhaps a treadmill! This will give people a chance to get to know each other in a casual, fun environment and refresh between breaks and at lunch.

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What is the VUOM Student Council about?

We celebrated the 2016 “Year of the Monkey” with games, prizes, food, and music in January, all individual gifts from VUOM Student Council members! We blessed the school, the students, and specially the Administration and Faculty working hard to serve us. Dr. Choo generously gave us “lucky red envelope money” in the traditions of Asian culture. In February, we welcomed a group of new students with a “meet, greet, and eat” introduction.

Students have indicated an interest in an Herbs Club with practical applications of theory, such as making linaments for sore muscles, essential oil blends, healthy teas and medicinals. We are gathering recipes and will check in with interested students to work out the most convenient times. Some have indicated an interest in an English Conversational Club, too. We hope to begin both clubs this quarter.