A Healing


What an extraordinary opportunity we have here at VUOM to learn SaAm acupuncture under

Dr. Choo’s guidance.

It is rare for those outside the Korean-speaking community to have the opportunity to learn this legendary system. There are few published instructional materials in English and it is rarely taught outside the Korean acupuncture practitioner community. And how fortunate we are to be studying at a university that values diversity and academic freedom to learn acupuncture in all its richness.

Dr. Choo brings us this amazing acupuncture system in its purest lineage. Originating approximately 400 years ago during the Korean Chosun Dynasty, Master SaAm was a monk physician, a Buddhist high priest. “Sa” means “dwell” and “Am” means “rock”. Master SaAm was a cave dweller! He lived in seclusion; he lived like the wind; and did not reveal his true identity. He was enlightened after meditating for many years in a cave, and he discovered

the core of “acupuncture’s mystery.”

His only surviving clinical record

claims that in only 1 treatment, he cured a patient who had been suffering with the same condition for dozens of years. After his death, his method remained hidden for 400 years.

Dr. Hong Kyung Kim resurrected the SaAm system of medicine after years of clinical treatment and study. Dr. Hong Kyung Kim had a small acupuncture clinic. Through trial-and-error, he tested some of the points mentioned by Master SaAm. Though he had successes, he embarked on a healing journey to improve his treatment. He closed his clinic, and went to the mountain monastery and for 13 years studied and meditated upon the I-Ching (Book of Changes), The Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor Classic on Internal medicine), and the Buddhist Classics. Finally, he received the revelations and enlightenment allowing him to rebirth SaAm, developing a system uniting man and nature in a simple, highly effective system, integrating psycho-emotional aspects with the mind and body.

Our teacher Dr. Choo was a student of Dr. Hong Kyung Kim back in 1984. Dr. Choo is credited as the first doctor to bring SaAm Acupuncture to the West. Dr. Choo is in demand worldwide to teach this method. So from Master SaAm to Dr. Hong Kyung Kim to Dr. Choo – to me and you! Thank you!

Dr. Choo at recent CEU Event teaching SaAm Korean Acupuncture Technique to local acupuncturists