Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2019 - Page 88

GYMNASTICS GYMNASTICS The Glen Ellyn Park District gymnastics program offers classes for children 18 months to 14 years old. For safety and comfort, proper attire is mandatory for gymnastics participants; girls should wear a gymnastics leotard or shorts and t-shirt (no tights or jewelry). Boys should wear shorts or sweatpants and t-shirt. Bare feet are best. (jm) A FRIENDLY REMINDER: With your child’s best interest in mind, we ask that parents and friends do not remain in the gym during class time. We ask our instructors to enforce this policy so that your child may devote their attention to the class without outside interruptions. This policy is for safety as well as learning experiences. as learning experiences. CLASS DESCRIPTIONS Held at Spring Avenue Recreation Center Program Contact JESSICA MARQUEZ (630) 942-7264 PARENT/TOT This fun-filled parent/tot play time program introduces your child to the exciting world of tumbling and gymnastics. Parent/Tot features tumbling and gymnastics equipment, balls, hoops, circles and parachute play. Parent involvement is the key. Please no siblings. TINY TUMBLERS This introductory gymnastic class helps develop gross motor skills and body awareness and teaches self-confidence while having fun. A variety of gymnastic and tumbling stations will be set up each week to introduce your gymnasts to the basic skills used in this sport. Children must be able to attend without a parent present. PRESCHOOL A variety of gymnastics and tumbling stations will be set up each week to introduce your gymnast to the basic skills used in this sport. Children must be able to attend class without a parent present. KINDERGARTEN This class was designed to help refine and develop the gross motor skills taught in previous classes. A higher skill level of gymnastics stations will be set up each week to increase strength, flexibility and coordination. PRE-DEVELOPMENTAL The focus of this program will be on floor exercise, springboard skills, bars and beam. Stretching and conditioning for muscle tone will be included. This is a beginner program. DEVELOPMENTAL Your child will focus on Olympic events including beam, floor exercise, vault and bars. Class will also include stretching, apparatus skills, and conditioning in a safe and controlled atmosphere. Participants must be able to perform cartwheels, round-offs, forward/backward rolls, and a bridge. TUMBLING Tumbling 1: N  o skills required. Start out learning the proper way to perform handstands, cartwheels, & more. Participants will build on their skills each session. FROM THE ARCHIVES: GYMNASTICS, 1979 Tumbling 2: Participants should possess basic skills, such as; cartwheel, round-off, forward/backward rolls, handstand, & bridge. 88