Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2019 - Page 86

NATURE ADULT PROGRAMS RESTORATION WORK DAYS FREE Spring Wildflower Walks Held at Lake Ellyn Park Age: 18 & Up Our spring wildflowers are often referred to as ephemerals due to their brief spring blooms. Lake Ellyn Park is home to many of the native plants that have faded away over the years due to human impact. Join us for a morning walk to learn about these often overlooked beauties that we are working hard to preserve. No registration required. (rf) Age: All Help clear invasive plants, cut and stack brush, plant native flowers, trees and seeds, maintain trails and more. Please bring gloves if you have them – we will supply the tools, safety glasses and extra gloves. This is a great opportunity for scouts, families, and community groups. If you plan to bring a group or have any questions, please contact Renae Frigo at (rf) DAY DATE TIME LOCATION Sa Mar. 9 9am-11am Ackerman Park DAY DATE TIME FEE Sa Apr. 13 9am-11am Ellynwood Nature Preserve Sa May 11 1pm-2pm Free Sa May 11 9am-11am Glen Ellyn Manor Park Su May 19 1pm-2pm Free Sa Jun. 8 9am-11am Ackerman Park Sa Jul. 13 9am-11am Churchill Park Sa Aug. 10 9am-11am Maryknoll Park Sa Sept. 14 9am-11am Lake Ellyn Park Sa Oct. 12 9am-11am Churchill Park Sa Nov. 9 9am-11am Glen Ellyn Manor Park Sa Dec. 14 9am-11am Ackerman Park FREE Guided Nature Walks See locations below Age: 18 & Up These casual walks will be at a leisurely pace – rain or shine. On 5/15, meet in front of the Lake Ellyn Boathouse for a walk to find spring wildflowers among the oaks, and then walk a few blocks to Benjamin Gault Bird Sanctuary. On 6/5, meet in the easternmost parking lot of Churchill Woods Forest Preserve on St. Charles Road. We will meet near the informational kiosk. No registration required. (rf) DAY DATE TIME LOCATION W May 15 9am-10:30am Lake Ellyn and Gault Bird Sanctuary W June 5 9am-10:30am Churchill Woods Forest Preserve Sunset Nature & Forest Therapy Walk Held at Churchill Park Age: 18 & Up Learn how to immerse yourself in natural settings through mindful movements and observations, gain insights about local ecology, and better understand the physical and mental benefits of this growing practice. The experience ends with a tea ceremony. The walk will be led by Jeanne Iovinelli, certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide. (rf) CODE DAY DATE TIME R/NR FEE 114226 Sa June 8 6:30pm-8:30pm $10/$15 86 SUSTAINABLE YARD TOUR Age: 18 & Up Would you like to learn how to make your yard more sustainable? The tour kicks-off with a brief presentation that covers topics on native and perennial plants, creating habitat, using less chemicals, growing vegetables, and use of permeable surfaces, rain barrels and rain gardens. Maps will be handed out after the presentation and you are free to tour yards that showcase many of these green practices. Meet at the Maryknoll Clubhouse at 9:00 AM. REGISTER AT: DAY DATE TIME FEE Sa June 22 9am-12pm $10