Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2019 - Page 76

ADULT & SENIOR MARTIAL ARTS PICKLEBALL SEE PARENT/CHILD MARTIAL ARTS CLASSES ON PAGE 67. FREE Outdoor Pickleball Clinic Shotokan Adult Karate Held at Village Green Park Held at Main Street Recreation Center Age: 15 & Up Release tension and develop total body fitness and build stamina and overall productivity! In addition to self-defense skills, karate increases flexibility cardiovascular endurance, and muscle tone, while improving core strength. From work to home, the benefits of karate can be felt in all aspects of life. See the online description for more details. Min/Max: 8/25. (ch) WEDNESDAYS: June 12-August 21 CODE LEVEL/BELTS DAY TIME R/NR FEE 113922 Continuer (Red-Blue) W 8:30-9:30pm $121/$182 113921 Inter./Adv. (Green-Black) W 8:30-10pm $162/$241 Age: 18 & Up Check out our outdoor Pickleball courts at Village Green and learn the fun, fast game of Pickleball. Bring your Pickleball paddle if you have one or you can borrow one of ours. Free juice and bagels will be provided for all players. Once you try it you will be hooked! The clinic is FREE but pre-registration required. For more information, email Mark Cunnington at Min/Max: 8/40. (md) CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE 113894 Sa April 27 9am-10:30am Free NEW Adult Outdoor Pickleball League Held at Village Green Park Adult Tae Kwon Do Held at Spring Avenue Recreation Center Age: High School or Older This program concentrates on Tae Kwon Do technique through the study of forms, stances, and the skills of punching, kicking, and blocking. Uniform Fee: $45 (not included in registration fee, due at first class). Colored belt students are required to have complete sparring gear. Uniform Fee: $45 (due at first class). Colored belt students must have complete sparring gear. Min/Max: 4/12. (ch) DATES: June 15-August 24 CODE BELT DAY TIME R/NR FEE 113906 All Belts Sa 2:25pm-3:15pm $143/$215 76 Age: 18 & Up This league is designed to help introduce the game of Pickleball to new players and enhance the experience for advanced beginners. Players will be ranked by our Platform Tennis Pro and placed on teams. For more information, email Mark Cunnington at gepaddlepro@gmail. com. Min/Max: 8/24. (md) NO CLASS: 5/27 CODE DAY DATE TIME R/NR FEE 113895 Sa May 11-June 22 9am-10:30am $40/$55