Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2019 - Page 65

YOUTH & TEEN LACROSSE BASEBALL & SOFTBALL Introduction to Boys' Lacrosse Held at Newton Park Grade: 1-4 Learn the fundamentals required to play lacrosse. Players will learn the necessary skills for cradling, ground balls, passing, shooting, and catching. Players are welcome to bring their own lacrosse sticks but the Bulldogs Lacrosse program will also provide sticks to borrow during practice sessions at no additional charge. There is no additional equipment needed for this beginner skills class. We will be using soft lacrosse balls and/or tennis balls for these classes. Min/Max: 10/30. (ch) CODE DAY DATE TIME R/NR FEE 113968 W June 19-July 24 6pm-7pm $65/$95 Boys' Lacrosse Held at Newton Park Grade: 5-8 Experienced players can come meet up for scrimmage games and 3v3 speed games. A great way to keep your skills sharp during the summer months. Full Equipment needed. Min/Max: 12/30.(ch) CODE DAY DATE TIME R/NR FEE 114043 W June 19-July 24 7pm-8pm $65/$95 DODGEBALL Fall Baseball League Held at Village Green Park and Surrounding Communities Grade: 1-8 (as of September 1, 2019) Fall Baseball allows kids to enjoy organized baseball in the fall while they continue to develop their baseball skills. Teams practice once per week with multiple games played on the weekend, weather permitting. A commitment of 80-90% participation in practices and games is encouraged. Please note: There are no age exceptions for this highly competitive program. For more information, please visit (cb) REGISTRATION DEADLINE: August 1 Youth Dodgeball League CODE GRADE R/NR FEE Held at Ackerman SFC 113721 1st/2nd Grade $135/$185 113722 3rd/4th Grade $135/$185 113723 5th/6th Grade $135/$185 113724 7th/8th Grade $135/$185 Grade: 3-8 Teams (6-10 players) will play a 6-game regular season followed by a single elimination tournament. For more information, including league rules and regulations, please visit our website at leagues. Teams will be organized by park district staff. All teams must have an adult present. (bt) Fall Softball League CODE GRADE DAY DATE TIME FEE Held at Ackerman Park and Surrounding Communities 114192 3-4 Th June 13-Aug. 1 5pm-6pm $50/player 114193 5-6 Th June 13-Aug. 1 6pm-7pm $50/player 114194 7-8 Th June 13-Aug. 1 7pm-8pm $50/player Grade: 3-8 (as of September 1, 2019) Fall Softball allows participants to continue to develop their softball skills during the fall season. For more information, please visit (cb) REGISTRATION DEADLINE: August 1 CODE GRADE R/NR FEE 113718 3rd/4th Grade $135/$185 113719 5th/6th Grade $135/$185 113720 7th/8th Grade $135/$185 65