Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2019 - Page 17

SUNSET POOL Youth Learn to Swim PRIVATE SWIM LESSONS Held at Sunset Pool Age: 6-15 This swim lesson program covers swimming skills and water safety knowledge in a logical progression. Students will progress to the next level once they have mastered the skills of that level. All students will be tested on the first day and put into the level that best fits their skills and comfort in the water. Class sizes are small to allow the maximum amount of student to swim instructor time. Skills worked on include floating, gliding, front crawl with rotary breathing, back stroke, elementary backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. These classes will help prepare your child to transition to the Gators swim program, if desired, and help them be confident and safe in the water. All appropriate changes will be made to ensure quality instruction for your child. Remember, each child is unique and develops at his or her own rate, and that progression through these levels varies greatly. Min/Max: 4/50. (cs) NO CLASS: There will be no classes on 7/4. Classes will be held 7/5. Held at Sunset Pool Get a more personalized approach with our private swim lessons! These 30-minute one-on-one lessons are tailored to meet your personal needs and goals. Pay for the number of lessons you would like at any Registration office and an instructor will contact you to set up a time that works for you! The wider your availability is, the easier it is for us to schedule your lesson! Requests for specific instructors are encouraged, but not guaranteed. You must give 24-hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson. Registration Deadline: No new clients will be accepted after June 26, 2019. Youth Private Swim Lessons Age: 3-14 CODE # OF 30-MINUTE LESSONS R/NR FEE 113566 One $25/$30 113567 Two $50/$55 113568 Three $70/$75 113569 Four $95/$100 113570 Five $120/$125 113572 Six $145/$150 CODE DAY DATE TIME R/NR FEE 113600 M-Th June 10-June 20 8:20-9am $46/$66 113601 M-Th June 10-June 20 9:10-9:50am $46/$66 113602 M-Th June 10-June 20 10-10:40am $46/$66 113603 M-Th June 10-June 20 10:50-11:30am $46/$66 113604 M-Th June 24-July 5 8:20-9am $46/$66 113605 M-Th June 24-July 5 9:10-9:50am $46/$66 113606 M-Th June 24-July 5 10-10:40am $46/$66 113607 M-Th June 24-July 5 10:50-11:30am $46/$66 113608 M-Th July 8-July 18 8:20-9am $46/$66 113609 M-Th July 8-July 18 9:10-9:50am $46/$66 113611 M-Th July 8-July 18 10-10:40am $46/$66 113610 M-Th July 8-July 18 10:50-11:30am $46/$66 113612 M-Th July 22-Aug. 1 8:20-9am $46/$66 113613 M-Th July 22-Aug. 1 9:10-9:50am $46/$66 113614 M-Th July 22-Aug. 1 10-10:40am $46/$66 CODE # OF 30-MINUTE LESSONS R/NR FEE 113615 M-Th July 22-Aug. 1 10:50-11:30am $46/$66 113573 One $25/$30 113616 Sa July 6-Aug. 3 10:15-10:45am $26/$39 113574 Three $70/$75 Adult Private Swim Lessons Age: 15 & Up It’s never too late to learn this important life skill! Whether you are a novice with a fear of water, or more advanced swimmer who would like to develop your stroke, our experienced instructors will work with you to meet your goals. 17