Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2019 - Page 16

SUNSET POOL LEARN TO SWIM The Park District’s Learn to Swim program provides a positive, fun-filled opportunity for children to learn skills that will help reduce the number of water accidents and provide lifelong aquatic enjoyment. Children will be moved up to the next level once all of the skills in the previous level have been mastered. Many skills in certain levels are dependent on physical development, strength and coordination. Please remember that each child is unique and develops at his or her own rate, and that progression through these levels varies greatly. Parents are asked to remain off the pool deck and in the concessions area. This will aid the instructors in keeping your child’s focus, and the deck clear in case of an aquatic emergency. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated. INCLEMENT WEATHER & CLASS CANCELLATIONS In the event of thunder and lightning, lessons will be cancelled. Please call (630) 984-5075 or visit for updates. Lessons will still be held in cool temperatures and precipitation as long as no lightning or thunder is detected. If class is cancelled, makeup class will be held on the Friday of that week, at the originally scheduled time. There are no makeups or refunds for otherwise missed classes, or inclement weather, if not officially cancelled by the Park District. No more than two classes will be made up, per session, in the event that more are cancelled. Parent/Tot Water Exploration Preschool Learn to Swim Held at Sunset Pool Age: 3-5 This class covers swimming skills and water safety knowledge in a logical progression. Participants will learn and work on skills such as getting face/head wet, floating, gliding, and combined arm and leg action on front and back. All participants will be tested on the first day of class and placed into the correct level. Min/Max: 4/30. (cs) NO CLASS: There will be no classes on 7/4. Classes will be held 7/5. CODE DAY DATE TIME R/NR FEE 113577 M-Th June 10-June 20 8:30-9am $42/$62 113578 M-Th June 10-June 20 9:20-9:50am $42/$62 113579 M-Th June 10-June 20 10:10-10:40am $42/$62 113580 M-Th June 10-June 20 11-11:30am $42/$62 113581 M-Th June 24-July 5 8:30-9am $42/$62 113582 M-Th June 24-July 5 9:20-9:50am $42/$62 113583 M-Th June 24-July 5 10:10-10:40am $42/$62 113584 M-Th June 24-July 5 11-11:30am $42/$62 113585 M-Th July 8-July 18 8:30-9am $42/$62 113586 M-Th July 8-July 18 9:20-9:50am $42/$62 113587 M-Th July 8-July 18 10:10-10:40am $42/$62 113588 M-Th July 8-July 18 11-11:30am $42/$62 113589 M-Th July 22-Aug. 1 8:30-9am $42/$62 113590 M-Th July 22-Aug. 1 9:20-9:50am $42/$62 113591 M-Th July 22-Aug. 1 10:10-10:40am $42/$62 113592 M-Th July 22-Aug. 1 11-11:30am $42/$62 113593 Sa July 6-Aug. 3 10:15-10:45am $26/$39 Held at Sunset Pool Level I - 9-18 Months with Adult Level II - 18 Months-3 Years with Adult This class is designed to make an infant’s first experience in the water as positive and fun as possible. Instructor will facilitate the lesson while parents are the main instructor for the class. Class will help develop comfort in the water, swimming readiness, floating with assistance, and blowing bubbles. Parents will be taught how to prevent and manage an aquatic emergency, and basic CPR. Min/Max: 4/20 Couples. (cs) CODE LEVEL DAY DATE TIME R/NR FEE 113575 I Sa July 20 & 27 9:40-10:10am $21/$31 113576 II Sa July 20 & 27 9-9:30am $21/$31 Camp Caravan Swim Lessons Held at Sunset Pool For children in a full day or AM session of Camp Caravan only. Those registered for Camp Caravan swim lessons will be walked to Sunset Pool by their camp counselors, parents will not be allowed to drop children off at these lessons. Please make sure your child has a swim suit, towel and sunscreen if they will be participating in lessons. If class is cancelled, makeup class will be held on the FRIDAY of that week. There are no make-ups or refunds for otherwise missed classes or inclement weather, if not officially cancelled by the Park District. Min/Max: 1/5. (cs)/(jm) NO CLASS: There will be no classes on 7/4. Classes will be held 7/5. 16 CODE DAY DATE TIME R/NR FEE 113596 M-Th June 10-June 20 10:50-11:30am $46/$66 113597 M-Th June 24-July 5 10:50-11:30am $46/$66 113598 M-Th July 8-July 18 10:50-11:30am $46/$66 113599 M-Th July 22-Aug. 1 10:50-11:30am $46/$66