Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2019 - Page 110

ADULT & CLASSES FITNESS SENIOR FITNESS EVENTS FITNESS FOR TEENS/ADULTS Get Fit Held at Newton Park Held at Spring Avenue Recreation Center Age: All Grab your running shoes and get moving! Over the course of 9 weeks we will log miles at our course at Newton Park and have some fun theme nights along the way including a fitness night (June 17), ice cream social (July 15), and a raffle run (August 5). Run or walk with us each Monday and look for additional theme nights at on our website at It’s $3 per night for each participant or $20 for all 9 nights and a guaranteed t-shirt. (ch) Age: 16 & Up Get Fit emphasizes personal goals in a small group setting. You will be guided to strive for your personal best in each workout where we incorporate a mix of cardio and free weights. We always finish off one hour with balance and flexibility practice. Everything you love to do benefits from increased strength, endurance and flexibility you will develop in this class. Instructor: K. Hokenson. Min/Max: 6/12. (md) CODE 114136 DAY M DATE June 3-Aug. 8 TIME FEE 6:30pm-8pm $3 per night or $20 for the series Monday Miles Running Series Held at Lake Ellyn Park Runners, walkers, and joggers ages 5 and up are invited to join us for the biggest event of the running season, the Freedom Four™ 4-Mile Run, on July 4th! The registration fee is $25 through June 27 or $30 from June 28-July 4. See page 9 for additional information or register at (rm) Freedom Four™ 4-Mile Run CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE 113881 Tu May 7-June 25 6:30pm-7:30pm $80 113882 Sa May 11-June 29 8:45am-9:45am $80 113883 Tu & Sa May 7-June 29 See Above $160 CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE 113884 Tu July 2-Aug. 27 6:30pm-7:30pm $80 113885 Sa July 6-Aug. 24 8:45am-9:45am $80 113886 Tu & Sa July 2-Aug. 24 See Above $160 No/Low Aerobics Held at Main Street Recreation Center NEW Yoga at Sunset Park Drop-in Held at Sunset Park Age: 18 & Up Join us on Wednesday mornings for yoga in the park! No registration required. Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. This discipline gives a cardiovascular benefit which more traditional forms of yoga do not. It can also increase muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and reduce stress. Accessible to most fitness levels; modifications available. Yoga mats provided or bring your own. Please pay at Sunset Pool admission window. (cs) Age: 16 & Up Stay fit, burn fat and calories, and add muscle tone with “no” stress to your joints with no-to-low-impact aerobics plus floor work for major muscle groups. Instructor: Julie Miller-Saldino. Min/Max: 6/12. (md) NO CLASS: 5/27 CODE DAY DATE TIME FEE 113877 M May 6-July 1 9am-10am $80 113878 W May 8-June 26 9am-10am $80 113879 M July 8-Aug. 26 9am-10am $80 113880 W July 10-Aug. 28 9am-10am $80 NO CLASS: 7/10 DESCRIPTION DAY DATE TIME FEE TRX Yoga 1-Hour W June 12-Aug. 28 9am-10am $10 Held at Ackerman SFC 30-Minute Express W June 12-Aug. 28 10:15am-10:45am $5 Age: 16 & Up The TRX (short for total-body resistance exercise) suspension trainer is an effective tool for bodyweight moves. Just like traditional yoga props such as blocks or bolsters, the TRX trainer can be used to support and enhance certain poses. TRX Yoga makes advanced poses more accessible by eliminating any fear of falling, boosting essential core strength and guiding you toward optimal alignment. Min/Max: 5/7. (cs) 110 CODE DAY DATE TIME R/NR FEE 114045 W June 12-July 10 6pm-6:45pm $50/$65 114046 W July 17-Aug. 14 6pm-6:45pm $50/$65