Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 99

Ackerman SFC • Ackerman SFC • Ackerman SFC • Ackerman SFC • Ackerman SFC OPEN PICKLEBALL INDOOR ROCK CLIMBING Haven’t heard of Pickleball yet? Named after the founder’s dog, Pickles, this game is played on a badminton-sized court with an oversize ping pong paddle and whiffle ball. You can visit for useful beginner videos and guides to the rules of the game, but the best w ^BX\\H]]HX\X[ܝ ]\[\\Y\[ Y[X[\]Z\Y]\[\]][^B\[\[ۙ]H L8&H[\[[ SPSST΂^HٙXːX\X[ѐ˘H܈Y][ۘ[\˂PPST•Y\^KKMBY[HXX[H]]XKY\^H H[][ˋ LKLBY\^H HY[Y [Y ˍJK LKLB\^H H[][ˋLKLBY\^H \KMB\^H \KNB]\^H LKLBSPSSQTΈPVH  NPPSQT•\H\Y[YHۋT\Y[YH\H\Y[YHۋT\Y[YBۋSY[X\ HۋSY[X\ X\X[Y[X\QHQHX\X[ѐY[X\QHQBSPSSQTΈPVH K N HT  NPPSTӔ“QQUTΈPTSSӂX\\\H^]YX]Z[[\XX[ܘ[H[Z[š]H^][HH\[H[H[\[]ܛH[\œܘ[\܈H\\X[\[Y [H][ۈ[]ܛH[\ˈXHX]H܈]ܘ[\[\Z[™][ˈ[XZ[\Y\XZ[ K\H\Y[YHۋT\Y[YBۋSY[X\ H BX\X[ѐY[X\QHQBUUHPPSTӔ”[H KZ\\ێ BSHPPSTӔŒ\X\[ ܛ\ܛYY[\[[JK \ۋN