Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 91

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS FAQ: How does the Buddy System work? With the numerous requests we receive each season, we have adopted a BUDDY SYSTEM to help organize the teams. How it works: 1) There is a field on the registration form where you can enter the name of your requested Buddy. You may only request one (1) Buddy. 2) If the person you have requested as a Buddy also requests you as a Buddy, we will make sure to place both on the same team. Unless both players request each other there is no guarantee you will be placed on the same team. 3) Siblings playing in the same age group will automatically be placed on the same team unless there is a request to separate them. No other requests for teammates or specific coaches will be accepted. Teams will still be organized as much as possible by geographic area/ school, dependent on the number of coaches available from each area. FAQ: Should I register my daughter for Girls or Co-Rec? Co-Rec teams usually consist of 1-2 girls per team with the majority of the roster being made up of boys. Girls teams will be made up of only girls and they will only play other all girls teams. FAQ: What equipment does my child need? Players must bring their own ball to practice. Shin guards must be worn under socks and all eyewear must be protective. Kids will be provided a t-shirt (pre-K to 2nd) and jersey/shorts (3rd to 10th) for their uniforms. IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS FREE House League Clinics Age: 4-18 Join us for FREE House League Soccer clinics! These clinics will be instructed by professional soccer trainers from the Future Pros training staff who also coach and train the Lakers travel teams. Space is limited so registration is required. [BT] Held at Ackerman Park AGE: 4-6 CODE 111423 111426 111429 111432 DAY M M M M DATE 8/27 9/10 9/24 10/8 TIME 4:30-5:30P 4:30-5:30P 4:30-5:30P 4:30-5:30P FEE FREE FREE FREE FREE DAY M M M M DATE 8/27 9/10 9/24 10/8 TIME 5:30-6:30P 5:30-6:30P 5:30-6:30P 5:30-6:30P FEE FREE FREE FREE FREE DAY M M M M DATE 8/27 9/10 9/24 10/8 TIME 6:30-7:30P 6:30-7:30P 6:30-7:30P 6:30-7:30P FEE FREE FREE FREE FREE AGE: 7-11 CODE 111424 111427 111430 111433 AGE: 12-18 CODE 111425 111428 111431 111434 BECOME A HOUSE SOCCER COACH! In accordance with the GEYSO policy, teams will be reorganized each season. The child of a coach is assigned to the team the parent is coaching. Individuals volunteering to serve as head coaches ONLY, may request one (1) assistant coach whose child will be assigned to that team. Volunteers will be notified by telephone if they are needed as coaches. COACHES MEETING August 14, 2018 at 6:00pm. Location: Ackerman SFC GEYSO MEETINGS The Glen Ellyn Youth Soccer Organization meets the first Monday of the month at 6:45pm at Spring Avenue Recreation Center. 91