Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 8

Special Events Register by 6/10 Gone Fishin’ Derby Age: All Come down to the watering hole and bring your favorite poles and pals for our annual catch-and-release fishing derby! You’ll have an hour to catch as many fish as you can, but don’t forget to try and get the big one. We &[]\Y\܈\\\]Y X[\\]Y [\]Y[\\Y\\X[[[[]\HX\[YYH[Y[ YH\\[[[Y\Z] ۘX˜[X]]Y\ˈ\\Y[]\\HZ\ۈ\[\ˈK\Y\][ۈ\œ\]Z\Y []\Y\][ۋZ[X^ KL ҔBY\][ۈXY[N[H L[]ZH[[\‘YH][HVHUHSQHӔQBLLM͍H M NNH L MB[Z\[ۙ\YY] ܙY]YN[[]][\[Z[H[Y[][\[\H[HYH ]Z[XB\YK\\H[H\Y\\ KH^Yܛ[ [ ܈^HH[YHقYˈ][Y\[[[\H^H][[H\\XY\][Y]\ۜ܈YH[]\ ۛZ[HYH\\[KYB[][K[^H\\X\X[ѐ&\]\[\[[K\[[X[[ [\Hو[[Y[X]\H][[H[[Y [H[XH]\وH][˙\\˛ܙX]\WBRHԓѕT‘]K[YN\^K[H MH NKMBSUT‘]K[YN\^K[H H NKMB[Z]Y”\Z[XHX\\YN N \]\[X\[HX]\Yۈ\YX\&\\\\HܙX]^HYH]\\H[XZH]܈\X\[ܙH\Z[XH8$]\][Bܛ]]\][ۜܛ[]]H[[YY\ܙX][X]][YX[\XKYY]]N [H]HX\ZۛX\H܈HYY\[][ۋX\[Y\\[H\X]Y[[[H\HYH\HX\ۈ[\ۈ[[ۋ\\HYHܘ[K]Y\][ۈ\\]Z\Y XH\[Z]Y H[KԑB]N]\^K[H •[YNX[KSۂY\\X\H\]˕Pۜ\][ۑ[][ۋܙ][˜