Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 64

Youth & Teen • Youth & Teen • Youth & Teen • Youth & Teen • Youth & Teen • Youth & Teen NEW Golf Lessons Phillies Travel Softball Age: 8+ New this summer are golf lessons at the Village Links of Glen Ellyn instructed by Village Links PGA Professional staff. Half Day and All Day Junior Golf camps are single day packages for both boys and girls. Lessons will include: concentrated instruction in all areas of the game, activities and games incorporating skills, unlimited range balls during camp, and each participant will receive a free 9-hole round of golf for each camp attended. For more information on these lessons or to register, please visit Age: 10U-18U Phillies youth travel softball is a Glen Ellyn Park District program run with the assistance of the Glen Ellyn Girls Softball Association. The program is for female athletes who would like to make a larger commitment to fast pitch softball and play at a higher level of competition. It starts as young as the 10U level and continues through the 18U level. It gives the athletes a chance to play 50 to 60 games each year. Girls Field Hockey Grade: 1-12 Field hockey is the hottest new sport for girls - give it a try! We focus on building individual and team field hockey skills. Instruction and practice drills emphasize stick handling, ball control, positioning, offensive and defensive tactics, rules, and conditioning. The clinics are run by extremely qualified field hockey coaches with international, national, and local playing/coaching experience. Beginners are welcome at all age groups. Equipment: All girls are required to purchase a reversible jersey ($19 one time only) for game play. Each player is required to bring and wear their own shin guards and mouth guard. Loaner sticks are available but purchase of field hockey stick and protective equipment is recommended. Please ask your instructor for tips on purchasing a stick before you invest in one as they vary by size and weight. [CH] Practices at Ackerman SFC; Games at GBW Memorial Field CODE AGE DATES THURSDAY PRACTICES SUNDAY GAMES R/NR FEE 111356 111357 111358 111359 1-2 3-5 6-8 9-12 4/5-5/20 4/5-5/20 4/5-5/20 4/5-5/20 --- 6:30-7:30P 7:30-9P --- 3-4P 3-4P 4-5P 5-6:30P $75/$125 $125/$175 $125/$175 $75/$125 Boys Indoor Field Hockey Grade: 1-5 The program meets twice per week with practices on Thursday 2@67&vW27VF2WVVC&2&R&WV&VBF&fFRFV v6wV&G2WFwV&G2Bw6W2"6VG24Х&7F6W2B6W&4d3vW2Bt%rV&fV@4DRDDU2DU%4D$5D4U25TDtU2""dTP3cBbR#c3s32EC#RCsPc@FW&R26ƖW27F"Fv6w2FRv&2FFRW6RVwVR&w&BFV6'FVVBG&fV66VGVR`&WB#vW2&VvrBFRVBbVRF&VvVǒFWvvW2BFW&VG2&&FRFFV"6WfVFRƖW2f7GF66gF&&w&FV6W2'F6G2FR&W 'VW2bFRvRB&W&W2FWFW2f"gWGW&RVFVf'2G'WG0&RVBFRVǒV&ǒVwW7Bf6BwwrvVVǖ6gF&6 6F7B6ƖB&&7B6&&7vW&&r"c3S#Cc"f &Rf&F4%Х6FfR66rƖ6RG&p'FW'6vF6FfR66rƖ6RFR&F7G&7B0ffW&rffRv&62f"66W2F&VvWBFRV"F22F7G&7BvFR&w&FB66W2&RWV7FVBF6WFR6PWfW'GvV'2&Vv&FW72bFRV&W"b7'G266VBf F6R66W2FB6WFVBFRv&6#rFWv@VVBFGFVBvVF#Wr&WGW&r66W2vFBBGFVBv&6#r&P6VBF&FV"6VF"FGFVBRbFRfvr6W760BFR7&rfVVR&V7&VF6VFW"%EЬ+vVFW6F&6Bg&gӇЬ+FW'6F&"g&gӇЬ+vVFW6FVwW7Bg&gӇЬ+GVVF6WFV&W"g&gӇЬ+vVFW6FFV6V&W""g&gӇ