Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 63

Youth & Teen • Youth & Teen • Youth & Teen • Youth & Teen • Youth & Teen • Youth & Teen FIND THE PERFECT SPORT 2018 Lightning Running Club Junior Lakers Soccer Age: 5-16 Kids will build endurance and learn proper running form while training to run between a 2K and 4K in this infor X[ YY[[X[\[Hܛ\YHYH[ ܈X[]H][ [\\Y]X[YY\›X^HHH][ۘ[YY][ݙ[X\ YY]][^[\\H[YY[Y\][ۈKYH[Y\XXB[YKX[H[YܛKQT]]XY[X\\YK[[YY]Y\˂X\H[X]H[\[8&\ \\^H[Y\\[ˈY\][ۂ܈\ܘ[H\ۙ[ˈXXHY[H[XHK[XZ[ۈ[H XX\\H[]X\Zۛ\[ЕXˈܘYNKRH[[[[\ݙHZ\[[[ݙHHY\][ق^K]\^H\H]H[YK܈^H\HXYYH܈][XYYKH[\HXX[\Z]Z[[\[ۜ]ݚYHB[\H[Hو[]YX[[YYY\ܛH[\\\H[XYHHX]\وHX[K^Y\\Hܛ\YHYH[X[]B][ XZK]\ZHXH]H[وXX\[ۋYXK[X܎]\HˈZ[X^ MKЕBY[H\H[\\YXZ[H[Y\XX\H۝X\[H\]]\]\\˛ܙˈZ[X^ L ML HTSӈHHԐQHVHUHSQHӔQBKTPTӈTSQQUS΂Y\ˋ[H NH8( H8([][YHXܙX][ۈ[\ LLLLLLLLLLBLLLLMR H B H H H•• ͋N B͋N B͋N HZYZYZY MTKMM L LL LL LHԐQHVHUHSQHӔQBLLLLLLLLLLŒLLLLMHR H B8$ H H•• MKLL ZY MKLL ZY MKLL ZY MTKMM L LL LL LHVHUHQBLLLMH\Y\ZY R[Hݙ[X\  B[\X[XYYBYN LL \و\[  N B[\X[[Y[Hܙ[^Y\X[[H[[B^H۝[YH][Z\\X[[ˈXYY\\HXYH\وX[\H[[[[]\X[[X\\X[ X[\XXHۘH\YZ]][\H[Y\^YYۈBYZ[ X]\\Z][ˈH[Z]Y[و NL H\X\][ۂ[XX\[[Y\\[\YY X\HN\H\HYH^\[ۜ܈\YH\]]]Bܘ[K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋX\H\][[[\X[ KЗB[]X\X[\”TSӈRBU[[Y\\XYY\YN LNN ULMH[]XYY\\H[\X[\X[\ˈ[[Y\\H^YY ݍۈ  \]\[]܂[\\K[YXYY\[H^YY]ܜ L]LH]X\X[\ˈYHܛ\X^HHX[Y\[[ۈB[X\وX[\Y\\Y Y\][ۈXY[N]Y\ BHUSӔQBLLM͍ŒLLM͎LLM͎BLLLM BUBLUBLH LK N B LK N B LK N B LK N B[ٝ[XYYBܘYN N \و\[X\ K N B[ٝ[[\X\[۝[YH][Z\ٝ[[\[H[X\ۋ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋX\H\][[[ٝ[ KЗBY\\[Y\][ۜ]\H[X[\[]YX[^Y\Y\][ۜ[HX\Y X[HY\][ۜ[H\]Y][H\\XٙXH[]\[YHHۋ\Y[XH \] Y\][ۈ܈H[[Y\\XYY\[Y[ۈ\[\[[[XZ[[[[XYY\\H[ X\HY\˂\\˛ܙ܈HY\][ۈX][[ܙH[ܛX][ۈY\[™^\[Y\܈XXYHܛ\ []XYY\[]X\X[ѐ’YXYY\[]X\X[\QHVHUHSQHQBN ULMBYKBH ̌N ̋M\Y\]YBLKL K L L Y\][ۈXY[N]Y\ BHUSӔQBLLLMBLLLM̂LLLM ܙ ܘYB] ͝ܘYB ܘYH LK N B LK N B LK N B¸([