Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 60

Early Childhood • Early Childhood • Early Childhood INSTILL A LOVE OF SCIENCE Cool Science Classes Age: 3-6 Please note that cancellation for classes must be made at least 24 hours in advance due to the purchase and preparation of supplies. Instructor: Cool Science. Min/Max: 6/15. [JM] STAR WARS SCIENCE: Welcome to Jedi Training Camp, where you and your skills will be put to the test with each activity you encounter. If you pass all your tests, you will be awarded a diploma signifying that they’ve graduated from the Jedi Academy. May the force be with you! CUPCAKE CHEMISTRY: What makes cupcakes rise? How do you turn plain cream into fluffy frosting; with science, of course! Take this highly edible class and you’ll make cupcakes then decorate them with a number of techniques including icing, frosting, and fondant sculpting. Yum! • Early Childhood • Early Childhood NEW Jr. Engineers – A Trip to the Zoo! Age: 3-4 Welcome to the zoo! There are so many amazing animals in the world, and zoos allow us to learn all about them and see them up close. Did you know a camel can go several days with no food or water because it stores energy in its humps? Did you know when a baby giraffe is born it stands about 6 feet tall? Children will go wild for more fun facts about some amazing animals. It will feel just like a trip to the zoo! They will practice letter recognition, size comparison, shape and color identification, counting, placement vocabulary, and patterning. Instructor: Bricks 4 Kidz. Min/Max: 8/12. No Class: 5/28. [JM] Held at Main Street Recreation Center CODE DAY DATE CLS TIME R/NR FEE 111385 M 5/7-6/4 Four 12:30-1:15P $52/$78 BECAUSE SAFETY ROCKS! PANCAKE SCIENCE How does heat turn a liquid into a solid? What makes a pancake fluffy? Learn the answers to these questions and more as you make rainbow pancakes, pancake pops, and other flat but tasty treats in this highly edible class! Held at Spring Avenue Recreation Center Safe Kids Age: 3-5 This interactive class focuses on thinking safely and making safe choices. Kids learn what to do in an emergency, when to call 911 and how to deal with strangers. Instructor: T. Gustello. Min/Max: 6/12. [JR] CODE PROGRAM DAY DATE TIME R/NR FEE Held at Spring Avenue Recreation Center 111371 111372 111373 Star Wars Cupcake Pancake M M M 6/25 7/23 8/27 9-10:30A 9-10:30A 9-10:30A $24/$36 $24/$36 $24/$36 CODE DAY DATE TIME R/NR FEE 111759 111761 F F 6/22 8/10 12:15-1:15P 12:15-1:15P $20/$30 $20/$30 Dino Hour Age: 3-5 with Adult Bring your little one for an hour of dinosaur discovery fun! They will see and touch real dinosaur fossils, listen to a story, make a craft to take home and dig in the sand to assemble dinosaur puzzle pieces. They’ll even get to sit on our Triceratops Sarah (Playschool’s Kota) for a fun photo! So much fun packed into an hour, don’t miss this new summer program! Instructor: T-Rexplorers. Min/Max: 6/12. [JR] Held at Lake Ellyn Park/Boathouse Safe Kids with First Aid Age: 3-5 Safety and first aid go hand in hand! Children learn simple rules to think safely and make safe choices at home and away. We also present basic first aid information, including treatment of small cuts, bumps and bruises, nosebleeds, minor burns and more. Each child receives a safety packet and creates a small first aid kit to take home. Instructor: Tracy Gustello. Min/Max: 6/12. [JR] Held at Spring Avenue Recreation Center CODE DAY DATE TIME R/NR FEE CODE DAY DATE TIME R/NR FEE 111763 Th 7/12 4:30-5:30P $30/$45 111760 111762 F F 6/22 8/10 1:30-2:30P 1:30-2:30P $20/$30 $20/$30 60