Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 55

Early Childhood • Early Childhood HOT SHOTS Instructor: Hot Shots Sports Min/Max: 4/15 Held At: Ackerman SFC Adult/Tot Sports: Parents are an integral part of helping their tots develop basic sports movement and motor skills. Motor skill activities focus on hand/eye and hand/ foot coordination. Sports equipment and instruction are provided. Parents or caregiver participation is required. Sports & More: Children are introduced to the fundamentals of such sports as basketball, floor hockey, football, kickball, soccer, t-ball and group games. Lil’ Dribblers: The Lil’ Dribblers Basketball program teaches children early skills and • Early Childhood • Early Childhood rules of the game in a safe, fun and exciting environment. Age appropriate equipment, activities and games are specifically designed to increase balance, body awareness, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, listening skills and the ability to follow directions. Minor League Baseball - Double A: This introductory t-ball program is perfect for a child who wants to have fun, make new friends and be introduced to baseball. Each participant has the opportunity to hit, field, throw, catch and run bases in this fun filled skills clinic. Participants are also introduced to the basic rules of the game. All you need to bring is a glove! Junior Football: The younger player develops early football skills in this non- contact class while gaining confidence, coordination and motor skills. The program uses age appropriate drills and exercises • Early Childhood to teach players proper stance, passing, catching, running and more. Striker Tots Soccer: Our specially designed curriculum uses age appropriate activities and games specifically designed to increase balance, body awareness, motor skills, and make soccer fun. Basketball 102: The next step in basketball instruction, this class will build upon the fundamentals taught in the Basketball 101 class. A slightly faster paced environment will be geared around competitive play, encouraging tactics such as attacking the basket and aggressive defense. Players should have basic knowledge of the rules and be able to dribble comfortably in order to succeed in the class. [CS] SESSION I CODE PROGRAM AGE DAY DATE CLS TIME NO CLASS R/NR FEE 111139 Adult/Tot Sports* 2-4 M 5/14-6/25 Six 9-9:45A 5/28 $60/$90 111140 Sports & More 3-5 M 5/14-6/25 Six 10-10:45A 5/28 $60/$90 111141 Lil’ Dribblers 3-5 M 5/14-6/25 Six 11-11:45 5/28 $60/$90 111142 Junior Football 4-6 M 5/14-6/25 Six 12-12:45P 5/28 $60/$90 111143 Striker Tots Soccer 4-6 M 5/14-6/25 Six 1-1:45P 5/28 $60/$90 111144 Minor League Baseball- Double A 3-6 Sa 5/19-6/30 Six 9-9:45A 6/2 $60/$90 111145 Adult/Tot Sports* 2-4 Sa 5/19-6/30 Six 10-10:45A 6/2 $60/$90 111146 Junior Football 4-6 Sa 5/19-6/30 Six 11-11:45A 6/2 $60/$90 111147 Basketball Clinic 102 7-9 Sa 5/19-6/30 Six 12-1P 6/2 $60/$90 *Requires parent/guardian participation SESSION II CODE PROGRAM AGE DAY DATE CLS TIME NO CLASS R/NR FEE 111149 Adult/Tot Sports* 2-4 M 7/9-8/6 Five 9-9:45A ---- $55/$85 111150 Sports & More 3-5 M 7/9-8/6 Five 10-10:45A ---- $55/$85 111151 Lil’ Dribblers 3-5 M 7/9-8/6 Five 11-11:45 ---- $55/$85 111152 Junior Football 4-6 M 7/9-8/6 Five 12-12:45P ---- $55/$85 111153 Striker Tots Soccer 4-6 M 7/9-8/6 Five 1-1:45P ---- $55/$85 111154 Minor League Baseball- Double A 3-6 Sa 7/14-8/11 Five 9-9:45A ---- $55/$85 111155 Adult/Tot Sports* 2-4 Sa 7/14-8/11 Five 10-10:45A ---- $55/$85 111156 Junior Football 4-6 Sa 7/14-8/11 Five 11-11:45A ---- $55/$85 111157 Basketball Clinic 102 7-9 Sa 7/14-8/11 Five 12-1P ---- $55/$85 *Requires parent/guardian participation 55