Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 53

Early Childhood • Early Childhood ALL STAR SPORTS Instructor: All Star Sports Min/Max: 6/15 Held At: Main Street Recreation Center Equipment provided unless otherwise indicated in the program description. Basketball: This program will introduce your children to the game of basketball if they are beginners or if they need the know how to get to the next level. Basic skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense will be taught. Games will also be played to show the importance of teamwork in game situations. Golf: We introduce boys and girls to golf through a number of fun drills and games that help them learn the complicated golf swing, rules and proper etiquette. Golf clubs provided but may bring your own. • Early Childhood • Early Childhood Hockey: Learn and play the fastest game in the world. This action-packed class emphasizes the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, passing, shooting and stick handling before the skates go on. Equipment: Bike helmet & gloves. Shin, knee & elbow pads optional. • Early Childhood T-Ball: We teach throwing, catching, hitting, fielding, running the bases and how to play the game. Games are played every week. Baseball is a continuation of the T-ball class. Children who have been in the T-ball class more than once are encouraged to take the baseball class to improve on baseball skills. Equipment: Bring own glove. Lacrosse: This class is designed to teach the game of lacrosse in a fun and safe environment. Many mechanical skills will be taught while also covering game time situations and strategies. Equipment: Bike helmet, eye protection & gloves Soccer: Children learn the basics of soccer in a fun, exciting way. Dribbling, passing and shooting are covered through fun games that keep everyone moving. This class is great for coordination and self-esteem. Levels (2-3) are based on age and whether or not the child has participated in a class before. Parent/Tot: This program gives you and your child the opportunity to bond and have fun together while learning a variety of sports. This class is great for simple motor skills such as: catching, throwing, batting, shooting, passing and anything that involves hand-eye coordination. Parents participate with their child as we play soccer, basketball, & more. Super Sports: We teach little superstars the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, while attempting to spark an interest in playing a variety of sports. Sports covered will be favorites such as basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball, football and many more. [CH] SESSION I • No Class: 7/3 & 7/4 CODE PROGRAM AGE DAY DATE CLS TIME R/NR FEE 111219 Super Sports 3-4 M 6/4-7/16 Seven 9:15-10A $91/$136 111220 Super Sports 4-6 M 6/4-7/16 Seven 10-11A $91/$136 111221 Soccer 3-4 M 6/4-7/16 Seven 11-11:45A $91/$136 111222 Soccer 4-6 M 6/4-7/16 Seven 11:45A-12:45P $91/$136 111223 Golf 4-5 M 6/4-7/16 Seven 2-2:45P $91/$136 111224 Golf 5-7 M 6/4-7/16 Seven 2:45-3:30P $91/$136 111225 T-Ball 3-4 M 6/4-7/16 Seven 3:45-4:30P $91/$136 111226 T-Ball 5-7 M 6/4-7/16 Seven 4:30-5:30P $91/$136 111227 Basketball 3-4 Tu 6/5-7/24 Seven 9:15-10A $91/$136 111228 Basketball 4-6 Tu 6/5-7/24 Seven 10-11A $91/$136 111230 Golf 4-7 Tu 6/5-7/24 Seven 11-11:45A $91/$136 111231 Super Sports 5-6 Tu 6/5-7/24 Seven 2:45-3:30P $91/$136 111232 Super Sports 6-7 Tu 6/5-7/24 Seven 3:30-4:15P $91/$136 111233 Soccer 4-6 Tu 6/5-7/24 Seven 4:15-5:15P $91/$136 111234 Soccer 3-4 Tu 6/5-7/24 Seven 5:15-6P $91/$136 111235 Parent/Tot 2-3 W 6/6-7/25 Seven 4:30-5:15P $91/$136 111236 T-Ball 3-4 W 6/6-7/25 Seven 5:15-6P $91/$136 111237 T-Ball 4-6 W 6/6-7/25 Seven 6-7P $91/$136 111238 Soccer 4-6 Th 6/7-7/19 Seven 10-11A $91/$136 111239 Soccer 3-4 Th 6/7-7/19 Seven 11-11:45A $91/$136 111240 Super Sports 3-4 Th 6/7-7/19 Seven 3:45-4:30P $91/$136 111241 Super Sports 4-6 Th 6/7-7/19 Seven 4:30-5:30P $91/$136 111242 Floor Hockey 5-6 Th 6/7-7/19 Seven 5:30-6:30P $91/$136 111243 T-Ball 3-4 F 6/8-7/20 Seven 10-10:45A $91/$136 111244 T-Ball 4-6 F 6/8-7/20 Seven 10:45-11:45A $91/$136 111245 Golf 5-7 F 6/8-7/20 Seven 12-1 @ļ(؁MȁM̀д؁ؼܼMٕԴ@ļ(