Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 45

Summer Camps Summer Camps • • Summer Camps • Summer Camps • Summer Camps LACROSSE CAMPS ARCHERY Boys’ Lacrosse Summer Camp Archery Camp Grade: 3-8 Learn lacrosse - the fastest game on two feet! Players will learn proper cradling, passing, shooting, and ground ball techniques to help take their play to the next level. Clearing, riding, fast breaks, extra-man offense, man-down defense and much more will also be highlighted in scrimmages and games. Need equipment? Contact True Lacrosse for equipment rental information at (630) 519-4680. Instructor: True Lacrosse. Min/Max: 5/50. [CH] Age: 7-12 Learn and master the sport of archery in a safe environment. Participants will learn an excellent, nationally recognized beginner’s 9-step to the 10 ring progression which was created by the Coaches Development Committee of the National Archery Association. Archery helps participants’ concentration and increases discipline. Exciting drills and fun games will be implemented in this camp. Recurve bows, blunt tipped arrows and targets will be provided. Instructor: SportsKids. Min/ Max: 5/20. [MD] Held at Newton Park CODE DAY DATE CLS TIME R/NR FEE 111677 M-Th 6/11-6/14 Four 10A-1P $125/$175 Girls’ Lacrosse Summer Camp Grade: 3-8 Our experienced and skilled Illinois Girls Lacrosse Association coaching staff knows how to ensure your child has fun while learning! Coaches are women with high school, collegiate, and post collegiate playing experience, current college athletes, and current varsity high school athletes. Equipment: Goggles, sticks and mouth guards. Sticks and goggles are available to borrow at no charge and mouth guards are available for purchase the first day of camp. Instructor: Illinois Girls Lacrosse Association. Min/Max: 5/30. [CH] BEGINNER: Players learn the fundamentals that comprise the building blocks of girl’s lacrosse. Girls learn drills and play games in a fun, fast- paced, and dynamic environment. There is also opportunity for more advanced skill development such as offensive and defensive positioning and simula ѕ)aAI%9  ́ɥ́չ̰ͭ)ɕЁͥѥɸمѕՕ́ȁɽ٥ѡ)]Ѡ͵ɽՍѥѡɔ́Սչ䁙ȁ)Ѽͽѥ͔͡ɥÁݥѠ)Սѥе幅٥ɽи)!Ё9ѽAɬ) =1Y0dQ 1LQ%5H9H((Ё )ȸ4Q)4QؼĴؼ(ؼĴؼЁ)ȀĴ@(Ĵ@()!Ё5孹Aɬ) =dQQ%5 1LH9H((Ё4)4ؼĴؼ(̴܀ȴ@(Դ@ٔ)ٔм(м)MAIQ8 5ALm t)!Ё ɕЁ5MԁMٔ)ɱ́ ̃Ʌ̀Դ) =AI=I4IdQQ%5((((ԁ ͭщ)Y剅)Y剅)Y剅Դ((ش(ؼдؼ(ؼԴܼب(ؼԴܼب(ؼԴܼبԴ@(ȴ@((((()4)4)4)4) ́ ̃Ʌ̀Դ) =AI=I4IdQQ%5((((((ā ͭщ) ͭщ) ͭщ)Y剅)Y剅)Y剅Դ(((((ܴؼдؼ(ؼдؼ(ؼдؼ(ؼԴܼب(ؼԴܼب(ؼԴܼب@(Դ((ȴ@((((((()4)4)4)4)4)4(9 ܼ(