Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 40

Summer Camps • Summer Camps • Summer Camps NEW Extreme Ninjas – Master Builders Camp Age: 5-9 Campers will use LEGO® bricks in their adventure to master different building methods and techniques. We will build dojos, LEGO® ninja weapons and vehicles. Some of the daily activities will include LEGO® technic motorized builds, mosaics, a car ramp, a zipline, daily take home crafts and much more inspired by your favorite Ninjago™ and Ninja Turtle® stories! Instructor: Bricks 4 Kidz. Min/Max: 10/20. [JM] Held at Main Street Recreation Center CODE DAY DATE CLS TIME R/NR FEE 111646 M-F 7/23-7/27 Five 1-4P $175/$263 EV3 Mindstorms Advanced Robotics & Coding Camp Age: 9-14 Experience the cutting edge of technology with the introduction of LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 Robotics. Students will be captivated as they incorporate the newest generation of motors, sensors and software by programming their commands directly into the intelligent brick. Completion of WeDo Jr. Robotics program is highly recommended. Instructor: Bricks 4 Kidz. Min/Max: 6/12. [JM] Held at Main Street Recreation Center CODE DAY DATE CLS TIME R/NR FEE 111647 M-F 8/13-8/17 Five 9A-12P $200/$300 Super Hero Science Camp • Summer Camps • Summer Camps FIND THEIR WILD SIDE Preschool Nature Camp Age: 3-4 This camp is for young outdoor enthusiasts! We’ll explore the park to look for interesting plants and animals, hike the trails, and search the pond shorelines for aquatic life. Stories, simple crafts, and games will be used to explain basic nature concepts. We are unable to change pull-ups, so campers must be able to use the toilet unassisted. Min/ Max: 8/12. [RF] Held at Churchill Park CODE DAY DATE CLS TIME R/NR FEE 111572 111573 111576 111577 111578 M, W, & F Tu & Th M, W, & F Tu & Th Tu & Th 6/4, 6/6 & 6/8 6/5 & 6/7 6/18, 6/20 & 6/22 6/19 & 6/21 7/3 & 7/5 Three Two Three Two Two 9-11:30A 9-11:30A 9-11:30A 9-11:30A 9-11:30A $45/$68 $30/$45 $45/$68 $30/$45 $30/$45 Exploring Nature Camp Grade: K-1 Campers will roll logs looking for slugs and centipedes and learn why dark, damp places are important. They’ll wade in the water to net tadpoles and frogs – discovering that muddy water and polluted water are different. We’ll crawl through the tall grasses to get a bugs’ eye view of the world. On and off the trails, this experiential camp is hands-on, mind-on, and mud-on! Min/Max: 8/14. [RF] Held at Churchill Park Age: 5-9 Campers will use our proprietary kits and model plans to build one- of-a-kind super hero creations & gadgets! We use LEGO® bricks to build amazing worlds of fun in a variety of exciting themes that engage children in STEM-enriched activities and making new LEGO®-loving friends. Instructor: Bricks 4 Kidz. Min/Max: 10/20. [JM] CODE DAY DATE CLS TIME R/NR FEE 111579 111580 111581 111582 M-F M-F M-F M-F 6/4-6/8 6/11-6/15 6/25-6/29 7/9-7/13 Five Five Five Five 9A-12P 9A-12P 9A-12P 9A-12P $90/$135 $90/$135 $90/$135 $90/$135 Held at Main Street Recreation Center CODE DAY DATE CLS TIME R/NR FEE 111645 M-F 8/13-8/17 Five 1-4P $175/$263 Wildlife Camp Grade: 2-3 Is your child a budding zoologist? Each day we will focus on a different group of animals: Mammals, Birds, Invertebrates, Reptiles/Amphibians, and a Habitat Helpers day.