Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 39

Summer Camps • Summer Camps • Summer Camps • Summer Camps • Summer Camps EXPLORE LEGOS & ROBOTICS Robotic Adventures Age: 6-8 With the LEGO™ WeDo Robotics System, young children can build and program their own robotic creations. Designed by the experts at MIT, this unique system teaches children about simple machines, engineering, programming and so much more. Students will work in teams of 2. Instructor: Computer Explorers. Min/Max: 6/10. [JM] Held at Main Street Recreation Center CODE DAY DATE CLS TIME R/NR FEE 111644 M-Th 6/18-6/21 Four 9:30-11:30A $115/$173 Rock & Roll Robotics Camp Age: 8-12 Using the LEGO™ WeDo Robotics System your robots will include a monkey who plays a drum to a rock & roll beat, H[ۈ]\B\]\][ܙX]HHY[ HY\[X[[]Z[ۈ[\[X[[H]][ۈHYX\˂Y[[ܚ[X[\وˈ[X܎\]\^ܙ\˂Z[X^ L ғWB[]XZ[Y]XܙX][ۈ[\HVHUHSQHӔQBLLM KU KML\N LLNH LMK MŒY[[YH\Yۈ[\YN LLX\ܙX]H [Y\܈H\[ۈوKY[[X\H\و\Y[YH\Yۈ[][[[\[[ق[\Z[[YHYX[XˈH\]Z[XH\HYHۛY܂[ˈ[HTЈ]HۈH\^H܈[Y\[H[XZ[Yœ\[ˈ[X܎\]\^ܙ\ˈZ[X^ L ғWB[]XZ[Y]XܙX][ۈ[\HVHUHSQHӔQBLLM HKU ̌M̍\N LLNH LMK M“Z[XܘY H\\\[\][[\YN LLX\[[Y[[و\]\]ܚ[Y\[\]YBZ[XܘY^\Y[H][[[H[[\Y[ܚš[][\^Y\[H\[HZ[KܘY[Z[]\\]K[X܎\]\^ܙ\ˈZ[X^ L ғWB[]XZ[Y]XܙX][ۈ[\HVHUHSQHӔQBLLM KU ͋N H\N LLNH LMK M•Q ؛X [[\YN LL[[HZH\[\^QܙX][ۈ[H؛ ܘ[[YY^XH][H[]\]X Y[[܈؛X[\ٙ\[H[وZ[[]Q𫂘XTH[[Hو\]\ܘ[[Z[H[X܎X YZ[X^ M ғWB[]XZ[Y]XܙX][ۈ[\HVHUHSQHӔQBLLMLKQ ̍KM̎H]HPKLL NL BZ[[ ܘY[Y[\\[\YN KLLY[[XH][[\XX^KZ[[[[[ܘY[^H[[Y[HH[\Z[XܘY0[YKXX[^Y[[[[ܜܘ]HX\^\[ܜ]\HX[\XX[Q\ۙ[ˈ[[\\[YH]B\HZ[KYY\HH[X܎X YZ[X^ L ̌ ғWB[]XZ[Y]XܙX][ۈ[\HVHUHSQHӔQBLLMKQ ̍KM̎H]H KM MK ”[[ۈ[[X][ۈ[ݚYHXZ[[\YN LL”Y[[[ܚ\ YK [XHZ\ۈZ[KB[ݚYH\[[[ۈ[[X][ۋܚ[\HX[KY[[\HQ\ۙ[Z[H][[[Z\[ݚYH\[H[Y\KX[\[\H[ݚYK[XZ[ٝ\H˜YXX[YX[[ܙKY[ZHYHZ\[ݚY\ۈZ\\Hۈ\]K[X܎X YZ[X^ M ғWB[]XZ[Y]XܙX][ۈ[\HVHUHSQHӔQBLLMHKQ ̌M̍]HPKLL NM LB