Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 16

Sunset Pool • Sunset Pool • Sunset Pool • Sunset Pool • Events & Specials at Sunset Pool! June FRIDAY, JULY 6 • 6PM-8PM SUNDAY, JUNE 3 • 12PM-3PM Sunset Pool Cups for the first 75 guests. Additional cups available for purchase at the concession stand. Sunday Afternoon BBQ Enjoy a delicious Meatheads burger and relax by the pool! Meals will be available for purchase; pool pass or paid daily admission required. Anyone purchasing meals will be able to spin the prize wheel for future meals and items at Meatheads! FRIDAY, JUNE 8 • 8PM-10PM Teen Splash Bash Kids in grades 6-8 are invited to join us for a FREE pool party complete with a DJ and games! Must show school ID. Incoming 6th Graders and students whose school does not provide an ID must have a parent check them in. SUNDAY, JUNE 10 Best Friends Day Special Purchase one daily admission, get the 2nd at half price! FRIDAY, JUNE 15 • 6PM-8PM TGIF Temporary Tattoo Night Come get your Sunset Pool temporary tattoo, while supplies last! SUNDAY, JUNE 17 Father’s Day Special One free adult admission with the purchase of a child’s a F֗76 72FG2Bw&FFG2&RF֗GFVBg&VR2r2FW&P66VB'6Be$DTR#"( "eӅХDtb&'FF&6g&VR&'FF6RvR7WƖW27Be$DTR#( "eӅХDtbG&F266Rv@6VV'&FRW&6g&VR&VBvFRb&VR66W2vR7WƖW27BDtb7V6WB7Wv@5TDTŒ( "%5Х7VFgFW&$%VFVƖ6W2VFVG2'W&vW"B&V'FRV2v&Rf&Rf"W&66S72"BFǒF֗76&WV&VBRW&66rV2v&R&RF7FR&RvVVf"gWGW&PV2BFV2BVFVG25TDTŒ( "ES3ФvW2bw'V"vFFRwV&G0G2vW2r"6rvFFV"ff&FRƖfVwV&G2FWv7V@FR7v֖rfRV6vFW"vW2BvWB6FRBvBN( 2ƖRF&R7V6WBƖfVwV&B֖#72FW"""fVSCC3""fVSCCR6FS3 DTŒe$DTŒ072FW"&V6FvVVW2f"vVVb7V6WfVG2&ffW2vW2B&W2f 6V672FW'2ǒe$DTŒ2( "eӅХDtbF6R7&VF6VV'&FRF6R7&VFvFe$TR6R7&V6Gv6vR7WƖW27B5TDTŒPw&G&VN( 2F7V6w&G&VG2&RF֗GFVBg&VRvV66VB'w&F6Be$DTŒ#( "eӅХDtbvFW"6&fV6&fFVVBvW2B&W2WfVr5TDTŒ# Vǒgvb&6R7V65TDTŒe$DTŒ#r( "eӅФ7FfR֖ƗF'F7V6Dtb7Vv76W2v@7FfR֖ƗF'W'6VVFW"g&VRFF66疖rf֖ǐV&W'2&V6VfRbfbFǒF֗766R( vV"W"7Vv76W2BvN( g&VR7V6WB7Vv76W2FFRf'7BsRwVW7G2FFF7Vv76W2f&Rf"W&66R`N( 2gvF&Vv7VW"F6VV'&FRF֗762v&Rbfb