Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 13

DISTRICT Update Taxes Lowered Again by Park District Property taxes will be even lower for Glen Ellyn Park District residents in 2018. The Park District Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the 2018 annual budget which reflects a rare tax decrease in DuPage County. The referendum bonds that paid for Ackerman Sports & Fitness Center will be retired, resulting in lower taxes. In real numbers, a property assessed at $400,000 will pay approximately $178.00 less in property tax in 2018 compared to 2016 – an over 30% decrease. The average tax bill for a resident of the Glen Ellyn Park District dropped by an average of 10.2% on the park-district portion of their 2016 tax bill (payable in 2017) and is estimated to decrease an additional 22% on their 2017 tax bill (payable in 2018). “I am thrilled that the residents of the Glen Ellyn Park District will pay considerably less in property taxes without a reduction in services or quality” stated Park Board President Julia Nephew. “This could become the norm all over DuPage County if government entities were to follow the leadership and careful financial planning that the Glen Ellyn Park District Board of Commissioners, followed through by staff, has carefully developed and implemented over the past six years.” The approved 2018 Budget enables the Park District to continue to provide, improve and increase the recreational opportunities within the District while maintaining and improving existing assets. Capital projects for next year include the replacement of two (2) playgrounds – Ma MɕЁIɕѥ) ѕȁAɕͥӊéAɬ쁥ɽٕЁ)ѡɭЁɽЁѡɵ)Ḿѹ́ ѕ ɍAɬ)ɥɕ쁅Ёѡ1)币AɬѠЁѡͽѠѡ)ȁѡ͍٥ͥѽˊéхѽȁх)Qɽ՝ձѥͥ啅́)ѡAɬɥЁٕ́)ɅѥՑЁѡЁɅѕ́ɕѕ)ɕٕՔѡ͕̰х͡)ѡɕեɕ͕́ͥչ)䰁ɕѕ͕ЁɕЁչ)ٕѥ́ɵM̀)ѹ́ ѕȁͥ́ɕͽٕѡ)ɵɽɕи)Q币AɬɥЁ́չєѼ)ٔݽəհٕ͔͕)Ցɡɭ̰չ)ɽѥ̰ѡѥ̰ɕ݅ѕ)́ɕɕѥѥ̸Q͔)͕́ٔɍ͕ȁѕ)ٕѥ饹хˊéչ̰͕)̰Ʌ́ѥ̸(፥ѥAɽ)!(ĤIمѥѡɭ)ЁЁɵM (Ȥ9܁ɽչ́х)5MɕЁIɕѥ ѕ(AɕͥН́Aɬ(̤AѠɽٕ́ѼͽѠ)Ёͥ9܁Ѡ)ݕЁͥɬɅ)ݥѠ1Iѹ͡)ݥѠY常(ФȀФѥͭщ)́х Ѐȁ)ɵM (Ԥѥɑե)ѼɵM (ؤIեѡ ɍAɬ)́ɽ(ܤ%хѥ͡Սɔ)ЁMAɬ(ँ9܁ͥЁ1币Aɬ(䤀 ɕѥѡѥ٥ͽ) ѕ(