Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 105

Facility Rentals • Facility Rentals • Facility Rentals • Facility Rentals • Facility Rentals Sunset Pool (Seasonal) Block Party Wagon 483 Fairview Avenue • You can have Sunset Pool all to yourself for the evening! Private pool rentals are perfect for picnics, neighborhood parties, birthdays, group outings and more. The pool is available to rent on Friday and Saturday evenings from early June through late August. In cooperation with the Village of Glen Ellyn, the Park District is offering free use of the Block Party Wagon, April 1 through October 31, weekends only. The wagon will contain everything you will need at your block party including: Call: Chad Shingler at (630) 317-0137 /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Athletic Fields The Glen Ellyn Park District has three outdoor parks available for field rentals for soccer, baseball or softball: Ackerman Park, 800 St. Charles Road; Village Green, 130 S. Lambert Road; or Newton Park, 707 Fairview Avenue. • 10ft x 10ft Tent • 100 Chairs • Ten 8-foot Tables • Large Outdoor Grill • Bean Bag Toss Game The Park District will drop off the wagon on Friday afternoon and pi ]\ۈ[ۙ^K\\][ۜ\BZ[ۈH\YK\\Y\\ˈHZ]\\˜]Z[XNX\H[܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ[[X\HZ\] HM M̍M[YHܙY[ ]ێ H N L  MLX\X[ H N L  MوZH[[]\H\\Hو\ZHX][KNZ\X\Y\HݚYYHH]]H[[\[K]Y\ HZ[\H۝ۈXY\[\]YH[X\\H\Z[[ NL\H[][]BX[]H[\[H\ܙY]\ܚXX]]H[ MX]]Y[HXY[ۙZH[[H]\B\Y[YH\\Y[\[[ۚY\X\[ۜ[]\\H\Y\\^\[[ܙK[YK[HHX[\ۙ\و[ K ]X\KY[X[X[]HX][܈\ LY\˂HY[[\XH[X\H[]Z[XH[܈[Y][ۘ[YJH[[[H]\KY][[]\[H]Z[X[]H[[\ۛ[B]˓ZQ[[]\KK[X[YHؚ[ۈ] HM M̍“]Y] H[YL