Activity Guide Spring/Summer 2018 - Page 103

SPRING AVENUE FITNESS CENTER 185 Spring Avenue, Glen Ellyn, IL /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MEMBERSHIP FEES Annual memberships are valid for one year from the date of purchase. A $20 service fee will be charged for each returned check. INDIVIDUAL FEES (AGE 14-59) Type R/NR Fee Annual Pass $245/$365 3-Month Pass $135/$195 1-Day Pass $7/$8 GROUP FITNESS CLASSES at Main Street & Spring Avenue SENIOR FEES (AGE 60 & UP) Get Fit Type R/NR Fee Annual Pass $120/$180 1-Day Pass $4/$6 Age: 16 & Up GetFit emphasizes personal goals in a small group setting. You will be guided to strive for your personal best in each workout where we incorporate a mix of cardio and free weights. We always finish off one hour with balance and flexibility practice. Everything you love to do benefits from increased strength, endurance and flexibility you will develop in this class. Proper technique and endless encouragement is the guidance you’ll find here. Instructor: Kathleen Hokenson. Min/Max: 6/12. [MD] NOW ACCEPTING SILVERSNEAKERS! If your Medicare health plan, Medicare supplement carrier or ܛ\]\YH[[Y\[\ۙXZ\\\و[\[Y]XYK[ܚ]]^H []Z\H]H[][YH۝\˂•USx&SSHXYZ[‹HX[X[Z\‹HYHZY‹HX[ T][ۈ[XX[\‹H\\ \‹H\]Z\Y[ܚY[][ۂH\ۘ[Z[\]Z[XB‘PSUHT‘UTSTT’[][][YHXܙX][ۈ[\TSӈBBLLLMBLLLM̂LLLM‘VBBBH HUBKKMNBKKM̌KKM̌TT‘ZYZY^Y[SQB MΌ KNN PBYHXݙHQB   MLVBBBH HUB̍N M N N̍N NTT‘ZYZY^Y[SQB MΌ KNN PBYHXݙHQB   MLTSӈRBBLLLMLLLMBLLLM͂Y\ؚXYN M \^H] \][[ܚY\[Y]\HۙH]8''H\[\[]Z[\XY\ؚX\܈ܚ܈XZ܈]\Hܛ\ˈ[X܎[YBZ[\T[[ˈZ[X^ LQB\XX[HXܙ[\K[ۙ^KU\^K[KNBY^K[KM\B]\^K[KLLB[^KL[KLLBQVHT“Y[X\X^H\HX\X[ѐ]’Q]\[Y^H[˂X^H Y[H Y\[X\ ˋY[]XZ[Y]XܙX][ۈ[\BLLLMŒLLLMBLLLMLLLMVBB“B‘UBKM̂KKM̍KN ̍LKN ̎BTT‘ZYZYZYZYSQBKLLBKLLBKLLBKLLBQB    L